Environmentalist Starts Israel’s Worst Ever Fire: Greenpeace Blames Global Warming.

The worst fire in Israel’s history has been the cause of some embarrassment to Greenpeace and other global warming activists when some uncomfortable facts emerged recently.

Late last year Israel’s worst ever forest fire was blazing out of control, destroying homes and releasing untold quantities of Co2 into the atmosphere. Over 5,000 hectares of forest were utterly destroyed, and experts say it will be half a century before the forest gets back to anything like its former state.

Greenpeace  lost no time, of course, in pointing the finger squarely at global warming, and issued a press release, demanding Israel abandon construction of a new coal power station, and calling for all comrades to join the “international struggle”:

Greenpeace wishes to emphasize that this fire is a direct expression of the effects of climate change and global warming which threaten us all.  Climate change is already here and it is taking a heavy human toll!

Israel must take this warning sign seriously and take immediate measures in order to eradicate the effects of climate change.  Israel must cancel its plans to construct another coal plant, reduce use of fossil fuels, and realize that we are dealing with an international struggle.

Green Prophet. Greenpeace Responds to Israel Carmel Fire.

It’s what known as the sign of the burning bush – Greenpeace style.

However, it didn’t have much to say following an investigation by Israel’s fire service which discovered that the fire was started by a global warming activist at a Rainbow Camp. As the Jerusalem Post reported:

The cause of this particular fire was, sadly enough, the good intentions of a participant in the Rainbow Festival that was being held at the site. For ecological reasons, she burned toilet paper she had used so as not to leave it in nature, and in normal circumstances, that would have been the thing to do. However, due to the strong winds and the unseasonable hot air, the dry grasses caught on fire immediately, and the fire spread in four different directions simultaneously.

Jerusalem Post.

Greenpeace have yet to retract their statement blaming the fire on global warming.

51 responses to “Environmentalist Starts Israel’s Worst Ever Fire: Greenpeace Blames Global Warming.

  1. “Greenpeace have yet to retract their statement blaming the fire on global warming.” Don’t hold your breath….

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  3. Sweet.

    Egg to face: “let’s get it ON!”

  4. Clearly she missed this advice from http://www.leavenotracedude.com/waste-disposal.shtml

    “Poop is more of a problem. The solid mass needs help from bacteria to break down so using a cathole is the most commonly accepted method of disposal.

    Using a hand trowel, dig a 6 to 8 inch deep by 6 inch wide hole in soil or duff, carefully saving the top chunk of soil to replace where it was.

    Do your business and then clean up. Dump some dirt in the hole and stir it into the poop with a stick to help start the decomposition. Fill in the rest of the hole and replace the top plug.

    Either pack out (see ** below) used toilet paper or bury it deep in the cathole. Toilet paper is often left exposed and is an eyesore. Burning toilet paper is no longer an accepted disposal method due to it blowing away and causing wildfires as well as not burning the waste completely.

    ** Put some kitty litter in a paper bag. Roll the top closed and put this along with a few sheets of toilet paper in a heavy-duty zip-loc baggie. Deposit the feces and used toilet paper in the paper bag, roll it closed, seal it in the baggie, and carry it out.”

    This is more hold your nose, rather than your breath.

  5. Aren’t Rainbow Camps run by Greenpeace? So we are to believe that a properly organised festival site had no sanitary facilities, and that despite the weather being, “unseasonably hot” there were no warnings or prohibitions about open fires, and that the release of co2 and other GHG by burning is “ecologically sound”? That’ll be news to cereal farmers all over Europe! Writing as an ex-fireman, I am uncertain how a strong wind can allow the fire to spread in 4 directions at once. There must have been some really weird topographical features around the site.

  6. Greanpeace shite bites yer ass. GREAT

  7. Lots of lovely CO2 gets liberated. Good for the rainforests.

  8. Yes but, no but, yes but, no but, yes but….

    “… the strong winds and the unseasonable hot air…” (clue: unseasonable) must have been caused by global warming so, the fire was down to “an expression” of the effects of climate change/disruption/challenge.

    Do keep up!

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  10. That couldn’t be right. Real environmentalists don’t use toilet paper!

  11. Of course this fire was caused by global warming. The environmentalists were only there in Israel because of global warming. No global warming, no protesters.

    Therefore, the fire was caused by global warming. Just about as convoluted as anything else in the madness known as AGW.

  12. It’s time the BBC stopped going to Greenpeace for environmental quotes. These people have an agenda, their statements cannot be taken seriously.

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  14. beautiful, just beautiful…

  15. Only a moron eco-wacko would burn toilet paper rather than bury it. TP breaks down very quickly. Idiots.

    Greenpeace is a terrorist organization and should be treated like one.

  16. Their entire modus operandi is deceit so no change there then.

  17. What type of tree is grown there ? I think it looked like pine, if it is it should not be grown in that area of the world.

  18. Greenpeace shite bites yer ass.

  19. Just like the penguin issue concerned greens are doing more harm than good.

  20. …..”she burned toilet paper”………you’ve got to be sheet’n me!

  21. Oh the delicious irony.

  22. I dont know what to laugh about first…

  23. The Sh1t hit the fan.

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  25. Howard T. Lewis III

    Greenpeace. Now there is a case off an inheritance run amok. Like a chimp with a tophat, the original intent is long forgotten. We did not inherit the earth, we merely borrow it from our children. Less crystals, more scholarship. Please bury it next time.

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  27. m power is wrong. Pine trees are are well situated to grow in the Israeli highlands, That’s fine if you want to harvest pine wood. Not so good for bio-diversity. Apologies for the use of ‘diversity’ but in this case, it is accurate. Maybe the Israelis should look at mixed forest with sensible fire breaks. The start of this fire may have been accidental but forest management must always take account of wildfires and use them to their advantage. Forest management is a skilled art, maybe even a science. If you don’t do it right, fires will come whatever you do – wether it be from lightning or a stupid tree hugger. And of course, some forest fires are actually good for the environment but not necessarily for the people who live in the forest.

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  29. mpower:

    I don’t think that the people of Israel planted the conifers per se. They are native species. There are certainly ancient references to them in the old testament — specifically the cedars of Lebanon.

    The fact is, forest fires happen. You can manage the forest to reduce destruction, but at the end of the day you can never stop it. Interestingly enough, there are some types of pine trees that can’t even seed themseleves without a forest fire. So in some cases, you might even say that some pines are designed to live and thrive in a low moisture environment.

  30. Silly people. Greenpeace does not know how to retract, anything, let alone their extended Pinocchio noses.

    To retract anything would be to admit that they were wrong and everybody knows that radical environmentalists cannot possibly be wrong about anything. They have the moral high ground? I think not as they refuse to do moral things like asmit when they are wrong. They just quietly leave the (false) story out there hoping readers do also find the real cause of the fire.

    They are so ignorant that they are smarter about everything, as they refuse to let facts and logic cloud their thinking.

    Every environmentalist, at some time, has been sold a tempting bill of goods about saving the planet, bought it hook, line, and sinker, and now cannot possibly admit that they were duped and might even be wrong.

    It’s like Dr. James Hansen. He has been saying such ridiculous things for so long, he would look like a complete idiot if he ever recanted. As it is he is just a consistent, unthinking, dishonest idiot, which for him might be acceptable. I always wonder what he is getting out of this; it must be adequate compensation for such stupid behavior.

  31. Wait – (Imaginary) Global Warming did cause the fires, because Global Warming caused the enviros to gather and shit in the woods and burn their toilet paper. It doesn’t matter that Global Warming is imaginary, because it was real enough in the minds of the enviros to drive them to ignite the forest.

  32. Howard T. Lewis III

    Environmentalism. Too many cattle destroy an acreage. Total deforestation never returns to previous grandeur. Dumping toxic waste into streams destroys habitat and therefore life. Plow the ground perpendicular to slope to minimize run-off. Organic farming keeps the soil in good condition. Burying your poop 6″ to a foot down and leaving a tree seed. Catch fewer fish. Have 3 kids tops and one or two is better. Don’t use nuclear weapons.
    Anti-environmentalism. Burning down the woods because you think your shit don’t stink.
    Any questions?

    • Just one – when you say “organic farming keeps the soil in good condition” do you have a reference to a peer-reviewed study in a reputable journal (i.e. not “myth and magic quarterly”) to back that sweeping statement up?

      Otherwise – don’t use nuclear weapons – well, duh! Don’t have too many cows – okay, will do. Total deforestation never returns to previous grandeur – whatever. Plow the ground perpendicular to slope – do that in areas of high rainfall and you will actually increase erosion (see Jared Diamond, “Collapse”), Burying poop when out and about – do that already. Have fewer kids – none of your business. This is still a free country.

      • Howard T. Lewis III

        Even farmers who use commercial fertilizer know organic practices keep the soil in better shape physically as well as regarding nutrient quality. Farm sometime or do some gardening. You will see.
        You are right. It is none of my business how many kids you have. just as it is not your business to judge if I have 50 and tax dollars pay for their education and medical care. And now that the economy has tanked, tax payer funded food stamps. Good-bye. Nice knowin’ ya.

      • So your answer is basically – no, you can’t supply a reference to any legitimate study that shows organic farming to be superior.

        Thought so.

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  37. You precisely saved me atleast 1 hour of time. I am making a project in this particular topic and your contribute has helped me through one of the topics of my project. I will browse to the other pages now.

  38. “The Greenpeace hypothesis of Global Warming being the cause of the Israel Carmel Fire failed when the paper was peer-reviewed”

  39. Howard T. Lewis III

    I declare this website, second rate B.S.. Stop sending me viruses and compulsive nonsense.

  40. If it’s yellow,
    Let it mellow.
    If it’s brown,
    Burn it down!

  41. Howard T, the t(h)urd, compulsion is what your hand does when it’s lonely. Second rate is a path you take because you’re you.
    You want to blame this site because you are, who you are?
    Think that the problem may be further in the past than you think it is.

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  43. This is really a extremely cool blog, thanks a great deal for this! I’ve read a great deal about this topic in the past and I agree with you.

  44. “For ecological reasons, she burned toilet paper she had used so as not to leave it in nature, and in normal circumstances, that would have been the thing to do. ”
    Livingroom ecologist, bunch of nuts, paper is biodegradable and in fact good for land since it provide nutriment to earth! All those green a**holes crying everywhere and knowing absolutly notting about nature and how things work in REAL LIFE!!! Stay in your livingroom this will already be a great help for the ecosystem!

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