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  1. Since it would appear you are a welcome addition to the small number of Scotland based climate “realists” it might be worth tackling the inflential Stop Climate Chaos Scotland in your blog. Along with Green MSP P Harvie, WWF, Greenpeace and FoE Scotland, they have far too much influence at top tables of government in Scotland. Our politicians are hearing a very one sided message from these people as is evident in the nonsense being spouted about 100% green energy by two thousand and whenever. Of course, by energy they mean electricity. One wonders what the motivation is behind these groups. Are they merely misguided or is there something more sinister afoot?

  2. What a great place to come for a reality check…great work. I’ll be a steady visitor for sure. 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing your insights on the insanity of the eco-fascist creed. I will definately be checking back here again!

  4. Excellent post will share on Repeal the Act! Campaign to Repeal Climate Change Act 2008 http://www.repealtheact.co.uk we are also on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=107337052636523 and Twitter.

    You might like to comment on this £20 million carbon tax bill hits Scots Unis.

    Stay in touch and keep up the good work.

  5. WUWT directed me here today. I’m glad I clicked.

  6. im a visitor from andrew bolt blog au i shall return

  7. Hi,

    I’m just responding to a comment you left at our blog about posts linking back to you. Can you explain how they are linking back? We have a standard blogspot blog and I can’t think of any reason for this to happen. I can delete you from our bloglist to see if that does anything.

    John @ commonsensewonder.com

    • Hi,

      Thanks for coming back – I’ve no idea how it’s happening. I’ve checked your posts and can’t see any obvious link to me, but every article you post is being linked by WordPress!

      Maybe if you could remove me from the blogroll at least for a little while, see if that helps.



  8. Became aware of your site/endeavours via among others No Frakking Consensus.

    Though somewhat difficult to navigate at times due to tightly packed information, differing fonts and a host of other visual distractions, you may find the following site very useful for zeroing-in on a veritable cornucopia of “target rich” topics that would suit your HtL endeavours, particularly as regards historical details:

  9. I love the site. I also learned about the site from Donna Laframboise. Alarmists deserve all the scrutiny they get.

  10. Just wanted to say you have another permanent viewer. Keep up the good work, this is always a good site to get some good information for.

    (Sending emails to evil relative warmists hehe)

  11. New visitor to your site from WUWT. Q: Somewhere in the recesses of my memory there was a report out of the UK at one time that basically said that the sun had nothing to do with climate or global warming. Do you recal anything like that?
    Googling is no help.
    Thanks ever so much from Canada

  12. John F. Hultquist

    The question raised above about the Sun’s contribution to Earth’s environment (note the word changes) is one that needs careful expression. I think the sense of the question asked by Joe Prins is whether or not changes in solar output in the last 150 – 200 years have been shown to cause “global warming.” Some argue that the solar output has not varied enough to cause any change. Others claim it is not the overall solar output that matters but just some of the wavelengths, that, in turn, do cause changes on Earth.

    I suggest you visit Dr. Leif Svalgaard’s papers and read some of them:


    For instance, note #1250 – titled “Does the Sun Vary Enough?”

    Leif comments frequently on WUWT when a “solar” posting is made. There are other “radical idea” commenters and the back-&-forth can be quite interesting. So I suggest you search WUWT for solar postings; just use the word solar for a start. Here’s one:


    This post contains comments by Leif with links to other solar papers. There are many, many, papers to look at. Have fun.

  13. Just noticed the change in format. Very nice!

  14. Great site. I visit many times a day to see what you’ve uncovered. You find such amazing examples of eco-fascism. Thank you so very much!

  15. The Alarmist Achilles’ heel ?

    I appear to have found it with these simple questions that no alarmist I’ve asked has yet been able to answer satisfactorily.

    Do you believe it would be good or bad if Earth were to cool by the 0.7 – 0.8º C it has warmed in the last 160 years?
    Is it now too warm when compared to 1850 or is it more comfortable than it was then?
    Is the 0.7º C rise in global temperature since 1850 a bad or good thing?
    Has that rise in temperature done more harm than good?
    Alarmists claim that GW is already causing worldwide problems, so do you think it would be good if some of that 0.7 – 0.8º C was removed?

    This is a work in progress and I’d be grateful for any suggestions on how to strengthen it.

  16. No posting for a while……….. Hope you are OK, or just busy with other things.
    Missing your take on things!

  17. Hi, it’s a bit quiet here at the moment. Everything ok?

  18. Hi there – why no posts lately?
    This is a great sight – even got the thumbs-up from Australia’s best blogger Andrew Bolt.
    Don’t leave!

  19. I just clicked from wuwt also, it’s like walking ‘through the looking glass’!:]

  20. Lurking for quite some time now – but wanted to say that I think your blog is certainly one of the indispensable ones!

    Mind – I have to keep picking my jaw off the floor every time I visit here, thanks to the information you unearth!

    (Attached Global Conflict-Response Initiative.)
    ‘ENTHUSIASM’——— 2009-2013
    Compiled extraordinary collaborating program
    directly relating to re-creating corrupted core-
    values and cultural conflict resolution.
    Addressed to: ,
    With Compliments,
    Julia Ramsay, —
    Volunteer Social/ Environmental Reform Worker
    WARMICH-AUSTRALIA warmich28(at)bigpond.com
    Personal note: Humanity’s action response-time
    is shrinking fast. When 2013 arrives we will know
    exactly what action was taken by ‘the people’.
    What we have here is a practical catalyst which has
    more than enough power for Humanity to negotiate
    corporate agendas of deadly placebo programs and
    global symptoms psychosomatic self-destruction.
    Have we not come too far to be brutally wasted by
    toxic thinking and controlled consumer-programs?

  22. How’s life? You’re being missed in the blogosphere!
    Any change you will return soon?

  23. I would like to extend to you personal invitation to check my feature length documentary on the “cold facts” of Global Warming entitled “The Boy Who Cried Warming,” available in full at http://www.theboywhocriedwarming.com. The virtual premier has been enjoyed by over 12,000 viewers due to a grassroots campaign effort of handing out flyers and emailing people just like you! We are independent filmmakers without corporate sponsorship, every view counts to us, and we would truly appreciate if you would take a look and (if you enjoy the film) encourage others to check it out. The list of websites mentioning our film growing, and we would be honored if you would join the growing list distinguished sites below:

    “The Boy Who Cried Warming” has enjoyed recommendations from:
    Watts Up With That?
    Digging in the Clay
    Bishop Hill
    Junk Science
    Climate Depot
    No Trick Zone
    Before it’s News
    Climate Change Dispatch
    Climate Ponderings
    Jammie Wearing Fools
    Oh What Now
    Tom Nelson

    And the list keeps on growing… PLEASE feel free to Google the name to check out the comments, and as always, enjoy the show!
    Jesse Jones
    Producer/Writer “The Boy Who Cried Warming”

  24. New Anthony Watts Interview Just Published: Climate Change without Catastrophe (News Tip)

    Dear Editor,

    I just wanted to send you a quick mail to let you know that we have just conducted a very interesting interview with the well known figure in the climate debate Anthony Watts.
    It’s a very interesting chat and whether you agree or disagree with his comments I thought you and your readers would find some value in taking a look

    A few of the topics we discussed are:

    • The difference between “global warming” and “climate change”
    • Why CO2 is partially responsible but oversold
    • Why recent major weather events cannot be linked to CO2
    • Why we should be more worried about another ice age
    • Why carbon taxes won’t have any effect on the whims of Mother Nature
    • How the climate debate has taken on religious proportions
    • Why the Keystone protests are all for show
    • Why Mother Nature will be the final arbiter of truth
    • What we should and shouldn’t be doing to address global warming
    • Why “climate change” has become a favorite bogeyman
    • Why scientifically we’ve only scratched the surface of climate change

    You can read the full interview at: http://oilprice.com/Interviews/Climate-Change-without-Catastrophe-Interview-with-Anthony-Watts.html

    I hope you find the interview interesting.

    Best regards,

    James Stafford

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