Venn Diagram Shows Connections Between “Green Energy” and Administration

Helpful for understanding how the vast sums of money washing around Washington explain the huge “loans” to Solyndra and other non-businesses. breaks it down for us.

Green energy lobbyists, investors, and speculators and their ties to the Obama and Clinton administrations.

2 responses to “Venn Diagram Shows Connections Between “Green Energy” and Administration

  1. That is an interesting little pictograph. I notice that the wikipedia entries for some of these government people fail to mention their business connections, surprise, surprise. On this topic, I recently stumbled across a blog dealing with pretty much the same subject matter. However I am unable to verify whether the blog and its authors are ‘any good’. In the blogosphere I have found a general lack of material on green dark money, so here is the reference, qualified by my above uncertainty:-
    The Green Corruption Files is run by Christine Lakatos and Marita Noon, their ‘about us’ is hidden halfway down the rather long home page.

  2. Sorry for the double post editor, the .au suffix on the above link appends automatically and should have been deleted in foregoing post, please correct if you wish to retain it, tks.

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