IPCC Green Doctor Prescribes End to Democracy to Solve Global Warming

This is a longer post than normal – but trust me, there’s a damn good reason for that. If you don’t read a single one of my other posts, read this one.

This post is not about some fringe character. It’s a review of a serious book written by a professor who lectures in mainstream education and is involved in compiling the IPCC reports. The book is published by a respectable publisher for a recognized academic institute

And that’s what so scary about it.

Professor David Shearman, MD, is Emeritus Professor of Medicine, University of Adelaide, and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University’s Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences and Law School.  Professor Shearman was an Assessor for the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Third Assessment Report and the Fourth Assessment Report. (1)

Shearman has penned several books on global warming, such as ‘Climate Change as a Crisis in World Civilization: Why We Must Totally Transform How We Live‘ and ‘The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy‘. His argument is that overpopulation and industrialization are causing an ecological disaster which requires a total change of lifestyle for everyone on the planet. As democracy isn’t up to the challenge, an authoritarian government must (obviously) be imposed to save us from ourselves.

Let’s take a look at one of those books, ‘The Climate Change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy‘, which Shearman co-authored with Joseph Wayne Smith. (2)

The book was written as part of a series sponsored by the Pell Center for International Relations and Public Policy. The Pell Center was established at Salve Regina University in Newport, Rhode Island, by an Act of the United States Congress on September 28, 1996, to honor Democrat Senator Claiborne Pell. (3)

The introduction, by the director of the Pell Center, provides a handy summary of the argument contained in the book:

In short, Shearman and Smith argue that liberal democracy – considered sacrosanct in modern societies – is an impediment to finding ecologically sustainable solutions for the planet [intro. p.xi]

Moving to the preface, the authors demand that the reader be prepared to reassess their notions of what is or is not acceptable, and what actions tackling global warming may require. They ask the reader if they are committed to the well-being of future generations:

If so, are you prepared to change your lifestyle now? Are you prepared to see society and its governance change if this is a necessary solution? [preface. p. xiv]

You see, apparently democracy is simply not natural. As the authors put it: ‘we argue that authoritarianism is the natural state of humanity’. They propose the formation of an ‘elite warrior leadership’ to ‘battle for the future of the earth’ [p.xvi]. Can you see where this is going yet?

The authors recognize that religion plays a big part in many people’s lives, and they discuss whether Islam or Christianity fits better with the authoritarian government they see as essential, before deciding that there is a better option:

However, they are not the only contenders for providing social glue for the masses. Although too much of the natural world will be destroyed for civilization to continue in its present form, some biodiversity will still exist . . . It is not impossible that from the green movement and aspects of the new age movement a religious alternative to Christianity and Islam will emerge. And it is not too difficult to imagine what shape this new religion could take. One would require a transcendent God who could punish and reward – because humans seem to need a carrot and a stick. [p. 127]

Frankly, I find this kind of thing terrifying. All the talk of ‘necessary solutions’ and a new Green religion that would provide ‘social glue for the masses’ – are we back in the 1930s?

But it gets worse. I know, you must be asking yourselves how much more fascistic it can get. The answer is a lot more:

Chapter 9 will describe in more detail how we might begin the process of constructing such real universities to train the ecowarriors to do battle against the enemies of life. We must accomplish this education with the same dedication used to train its warriors. As in Sparta, these natural elites will be especially trained from childhood to meet the challenging problems of our times. [p. 134]

To combat global warming effectively, these ‘natural elites’ will require a government capable of taking the necessary action to combat climate change:

Government in the future will be based upon . . . a supreme office of the biosphere. The office will comprise specially trained philosopher/ecologists. These guardians will either rule themselves or advise an authoritarian government of policies based on their ecological training and philosophical sensitivities. These guardians will be specially trained for the task. [p. 134]

Worrying stuff, coming from a professor whose previous book (which the Australian government helped to promote) argued that humanity was a ‘malignant eco-tumour‘ and an ‘ecological cancer‘. (4)

I could go on quoting from the book, but I’m sure you’ve already got the gist of what’s being proposed here: Global warming presents such a massive and immediate danger that democracy no longer cuts it, and an authoritarian ecological government of ‘natural elites’ will have to be found to replace it, as well as a new green religion to help provide ‘social glue for the masses’.

Posted on a blog somewhere, such a plan would probably elicit a visit from the anti-terrorist division of the police. But the fact that it comes from a professor at a major university, who works for the IPCC and was written at the behest of a serious academic institute, founded by Act of Congress, means that the author need not be afraid.

But we should be.

1) http://www.presidian.com.au/product-climate-change-litigation.html David Shearman is also listed under “authors and expert reviewers” by IPCC here:  http://www.ipcc.ch/ipccreports/tar/wg2/index.php?idp=688

2) The Climate change Challenge and the Failure of Democracy.  David Shearman & Joseph Wayne Smith (Praeger Publishing: Wesport, 2007). Preview available online at: http://books.google.co.nz/books?id=divhhP_kmMUC&printsec=frontcover&dq=The+Climate+Change+Challenge+and+the+Failure+of+Democracy,&source=bl&ots=5ZhS9ZvLUG&sig=-aVHqud4FDGb2u8t_zuH0EnbsH4&hl=en&ei=aR0kTZbGEoi8cd-SvbYB&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=3&ved=0CCsQ6AEwAg#v=onepage&q&f=false

3) http://www2.salve.edu/pellCenter/

4) David Shearman and Gary Sauer-Thompson, ‘Green or Gone’ (Wakefield Press: Kent Town, 1997) p. 117. The colophon page states that ‘promotion of this book has been assisted by the South Australian Government through Arts South Australia.

89 responses to “IPCC Green Doctor Prescribes End to Democracy to Solve Global Warming

  1. Power and money is their way forward. Reduce us all to trying to make ends meet. Make energy a luxury and they have their control. Time to make our words heard and felt, your new blog is one of the ways forward, you are now being quoted, keep the truth coming it hurts them. Congratulations and thanks.

  2. Yes. Good work. Excellent post.

    Would it not be a good idea to collect together libertarian/right wing/sceptic bloggers in a Pajamas Media type collective. We need to get the message across to more people.

  3. There’s nothing new under the sun. The use of the label guardian brings to mind Plato’s (Republic). He divides his just society into three classes: the producers, the auxiliaries, and the guardians.
    The guardians are the rulers, they are also known as philosopher-kings.
    The auxiliaries are the warriors, who must enforce the decisions of the guardians, and ensure that the producers obey.
    The producing class is the largest; it includes all of us workers and professions other than warrior and ruler. They have no share in ruling, but merely obey what the rulers decree. Dear me.

  4. Here is some background about eco-fascists. It goes back to before WWII. Are we seeing a resurgence? Be very afraid!

    Anthroposophy and Ecofascism

    Click to access anthroposophyandecofascism.pdf

    The “Green Wing” of the Nazi Party and its Historical Antecedents

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  6. Winston Churchill said in 1947: “Many forms of government have been tried and will be tried in this world of sin and woe. No one pretends that democracy is perfect or all wise. Indeed, it has been said that democracy is the worst form of government, except for all the others that have been tried…”

    And the Declaration of Independence said on July 4, 1776: “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

    The man advocates a military-style junta, as a supreme, despotic, elitist, world government to meet “the challenging problems of our times”, including controlling world population. This is all because he contends “emissions of carbon dioxide in the past six years cannot be retrieved; they will continue to harm the world for many decades. As a result in the eyes of many who looked to the United States for leadership, there is bitter disappointment.”

    This is plain lunacy, propagated by an eco-nut who might have scientific qualifications but has no simple common sense. It will not happen in any foreseeable timeframe: it would be unconstitutional for the US to ratify any treaty submitting to this type of governance. Remember the League of Nations?

    Sadly, this what our former Australian cobbers now seem to have come to, under their form of governance.

  7. Now that the Soviet Union collapsed, someone has to run with Karl Marx’ banner. Aren’t you looking forward to the socialist utopia where there are no greedy rich and only the poor?

    • I have no fondness for Marxism, which at its best was horrible. Dragging in “socialist” and Marx in here is totally irrelevant and diverts the discussion from the reality of what is being suggested in the book. These joes are discussing a “natural elite,” effectively some form of aristocracy. It is also pretty clear they aren’t worried about money, their interest is a more pure form of direct power. The emphasis on “authoritarianism” shows that. Aside from the parallels that can be drawn to Plato’s work, you can envision a society far more likely the late Shogunate era in Japan. The samurai who tested his sword slashing through your body never heard of Marx or Socialism.

  8. Yes, this is not sane. It is typical delusional thinking from an extremist.

  9. The man is entitled to his views, that is the basis of a liberal democracy, freedom of thought and the press…. but then again that is exactly what he is arguing against because it differs from his ideal of how the world should be run.

    Interesting dictomy , he requires the status quo to destroy the status quo and remake it into his little eglatarian utopia.

    The man needs to get out of his ivory tower and work for a living.

    • This agenda started long before we were born. Not necessarily for “eco” reasons, but to destroy capitalism and replace it with a dictatorship of the proletariat…supposedly a temporary conditon, but we know that is bunk. In the 1920s and 30s it was the major effort of the Communist Party USA to take over the education system, first, then that would lead to a voting public educated to be anti-capitalist, without the understanding that with this goal would come lack of freedom. The elite from our universities are so ego centered that they really don’t realize that their freedom to dissent from the poliicies imposed by this wonderful new government will be taken away.

  10. I wonder what a utopia run by dictatorial green demi-gods would look like? If only history could provide a lesson on such a utopia.

    • Sundance,

      it would not be pretty. I read a great science fiction book a long time ago about the chinese taking over the world in the mid 21st century, and they imposed something similar (with strong chinese authoritarian trappings). The book is Chung Kuo.
      The rulers were actually very thoughtful intelligent well educated experienced people, who were trying to manage society for the good of all. But it was a static bland uninspired culture that was stagnating and bred revolt. The rulers controlled technology and other aspects of society that were dangerous in order to protect the citizenry from unintended consequences of progress.

    • You’re being sarcastic, right? The Nazis were ardent ecos. Holy German Oaks, Blut und Boden, the purity of the blood and of the soil… Göring and other Nazis loved hunting, that’s why they put large swathes of forest under protection, a first in Europe. Large parts of the Wandervogel movement, a kind of Hippie-eco-movement (who thought of themselves as being apolitical, thus compatible with every party), joined the NSDAP. Elite eco warrior class? The SS.

      It’s almost as if Shearman had his own try at rewriting Norman Spinrad’s “The Iron Dream”.

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  12. When otherwise clever people end up down extreme paths, it can happen because they have, in their deep and somewhat isolated thinking about something, ended up leaving something out. Like the guy who replies to his girlfriend’s question, “do you love me?” by intellectualising the question and speaking ponderously about, “what is love anyway?”, instead of just hugging her.

    The ecological view has left out a similar simple truth; it gazes as if from space, at the blue marble Earth, seeing systems of species and resources and consumption, and those things are real enough — but it forgets about the simple hug of human affection, the simple authenticity of loving humanity as well as every other species.

    Instead, it starts out hating humans for their flaws, instead of living in gentle acceptance of humans with all their flaws. But if you hate humans, because they are so bad that they must be oppressed and controlled, then you are claiming that we are beyond hope. If humans are really so bad and so beyond hope, then why should we bother with caring for the environment?? If the claim is that humans don’t care… then OK, have it your way; we don’t care.

    Meanwhile people all over the world are interested in animals, the environment, in life, in love, in simple affection. Why not work with people rather than against them?

    Genuine transformation takes time, but those who would have us change right now would have that change forced upon us — but that is not real change, that is merely forced change, a kind of slavery. It is like locking up criminals because we don’t know how to reform them. That kind of change doesn’t help people, the kind of change where you lock people up and throw away the key. Besides, eventually the slaves revolt anyway. So what would you have accomplished?

    • Stefan,

      how interesting to read your comment. I think I disagree with important specifics, but your general point makes much sense to me. Especially the last 2 paragraphs.

  13. Oh, joy. However, for good measure, our enviro-activists friends have made quite successful efforts to infiltrate ye olde traditionale church organizations, undoubtedly to leave no opportunity of indoctrination unexploited. Please see my 12/18 American Thinker article, “The Case of the Curious Climate Covenant” http://www.americanthinker.com/2010/12/the_case_of_the_curious_climat.html

    Whatever negatives there are to be said of the ‘AGW religion’, one compliment is how incredibly effective they’ve been at getting their message across to disinterested bystanders who don’t bother to question what’s being fed to them….

  14. If he could provide convincing evidence that his worst possible case doomsday scenarios were in any way likely to come true non of this would be needed.

    Without democracy who is going to decide who becomes our glorious leader and gets the job of saving us from our own folly? In the absence of a proper democratic process, the job traditionally goes to the most ruthless thug.

    As for the need for a trancendant god because humans need a carrot and stick, actually the evidence suggests that they don’t and you are going to have to provide evidence for the existence of this god or no one is going to believe in it either.

  15. This guy sounds as loony as Paul Ehrlich – or his student, John Holdren, who just happens to be Obama’s Presidential Science advisor. Both have freely uttered that “population is the problem” and have offered rather “eugenecist” remedies.

    Watch yor back, Jack.

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  17. I wonder how much this doctor would be willing to acually live that life he calls for everybody to accept, or would he be a rebel when it becomes to much to bear. Personaly i will be a rebel at the first sign of it.

    • I am sure he sees himself in a high leadership role. The same thing happened in Russsia, China and Germany. When the real power takes over, people like this get sent to the showers if they protest…it is a human failing to let our ego override our perspectives.

      • I couldn’t agree more. This truly tragic thing about these people is that they delude themselves before they begin deluding others. They seem to honestly and earnestly believe that giving someone, or some group of people dictatorial powers would lead to a better world, in spite of all the lessons to the contrary that history holds.

        These people are extremely dangerous – not because they are necessarily malignant, but because they are “useful idiots” for those who are.

        Thanks for taking the time to post.

  18. Ah, but they tried it already, in Cambodia under Khmer Rouge–exactly what Shearman and Smith propose. Two million people murdered: half executed, the rest starved to death. The real cancerous tumour on the body of the modern society are this repugnant and reprehensible duo and their followers.

    • Good point – the Khmer Rouge “Year Zero” experiment was actually very close to what these people are proposing.

      The model Pol Pot was basing his society on was called “agrarian communism” and was based on the idea that all dissent was betrayal, which is why all teachers, intellectuals and indeed anyone who wore glasses or who could read, was taken out and worked to death.

      It has happened before.

      • I lived under the Khmer Rouge. They took my father, an older brother and an uncle. I had sisters, brothers and a mother left — we were lucky because I mother had gold to bribe the leaders — lucky because we weren’t wiped out.

        Yes, the global warming people do scare me.

        That is why I appreciate people who are good with words to write the truth about the global warming myth. People need to know the truth before it’s too late.

        Believe me you don’t want to live under a regime like the Khmer Rouge.

        Please continue to expose these global warming people. They are scary and do take them seriously.

      • Thanks for writing in Jack. I have read about the agrarian communism instituted by Pol Pot and it was perhaps the most brutal episode in human history.

        I think some people don’t understand that you don’t realise how wicked or twisted an ideology or group is until it is too late, because they are in power.

        I will keep writing . . .

    • Cambodia is an excellent example, but we’ve been there before several times in the 20th century.

      The USSR for example, a command economy which created millions of deaths, huge ecological disasters and eventually fell apart.

      Despite all this, there’s always some idiot turning up to propose pretty much the same thing and suggesting that their version will be different.

      • In Vietnam the VC and NV slaughtered a bunch of folks who disagreed..including, but not limited to, the whole faculty of the University of Hue. Didn’t get much media coverage, but an old buddy of mine was Ranger Forward Recon and the first to come upon the mass grave with all of them bound, mutilated and shot. But, then again, they were peaceful and not protesting the communists from the North

  19. Asmall piece of advice for you, if a commentor puts in to many links in the comment then it sometimes goes to spam filter, it happens with anywhere from 2 to more links. So commentors have pateince.

  20. We must remember that democratic governance is actually a very rare state of condition in human history. Even now in Europe many countries have had a democratic govt for only a couple of decades in their whole history.

    People tend to take it for granted but it could disappear in quickly if we don’t protect it.

    Sometimes people outside Europe don’t realise that the EU has already taken on huge areas of govt with no democratic accountability at all. We are already on the slippery slope.

    • Paul – thankfully the EU doesn’t yet have the military power to stop a state seceding from the union (particularly an island state like the UK, if we wished to). And UK law is still supreme – we can still secede by express Act of Parliament, but we have to leave conclusively, once and for all, otherwise EU law still has precedence (short of a conclusive secession).
      What do you think of our chances of becoming the 51st state?

  21. I have a suggestion for all the greenies who call for massive reductions in the Earth’s human population. It’s quite simple really.

    Go to the front of the line!

    That’s right. Step right up for your glass of ecool-aid ala Jim Jones. One less person on the planet wasting precious oxygen and one less tool promoting tyranny.

    Plan B is that everyone stock up on weapons and ammo for when the Green Reaper comes calling.

    • Spot on Marko, and Moronbiot can be first in line.

      Democracy has its faults, but since those being voted for have become so corrupt with the power of office, it has lost its meaning and become a front for dictatorship.

      Giants topple. Just don’t be underneath them when they do.

    • They are much like the rich Hollywood set that calls for higher taxes on the rich. Hey, send in your voluntary check for whatever percent of your income the government would take under the plan you support…
      Put your lives where your mouth is…but, oh, I forgot…you have to be around to lead the sterilization agency, and the gas chamer agency, and, well you know, get rid of all those unwanted and unintelligent people…I mean, who needs them.

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  23. “One would require a transcendent God who could punish and reward!

    We already have one, and only one. He is described fully in the pages of the Bible and He will do precisely that!

  24. This isn’t surprising – from my limited exposure to the workings of Australian government bureaucracy in the mining industry, I have noticed a worrying degree of regulations and attempts to modify out behaviour in the name of occupational safety and health area. Add the revelations posted here and things start to make sense. The regulatory system is already in place and all that needs to complete the job is to start enforcing it.

    And it isn’t a global conspiracy either – it’s pretty overt when all is said and done.

    The very idea of an social elite is nothing other than Fabianism but updated for modernity – and from my own personal experience, these elites believe 100% that they are superior in all respects to the rest of we ‘rubes”. In fact I would go so far to view it as feudalism of the 21st century. That so many believe in this political philosophy is also the problem – and the western education systems are indeed churning out “believers” who regard CAGW as fact.

    I have always been concerned with the proclivity of politicians to increase the regulatory and legislative body of government – every parliamentary session ends up with more legislation and attendant regulations – there seems no end to it. Most politicians feel inadequate unless their name is attached to some piece of new legislation, usually to favour a small section of society. As Hayek pointed out last century, this process does eventually end up as a totalitarian system by default, from us blundering into it, rather than a small group programming it though in this case David Rockerfeller’s personal ‘mea-culpa’ published in his memoirs proves that it is a small powerful elite running it. In the West at least, since Asia seems unwilling to go down that path again, having only recently left it.

  25. Good post. One should not dismiss him as a nutter or delusional. He represents a point of view which will resonate with many others. The truth lies somewhere between. For example, I think for good reasons that CAGW is overhyped. There is no empirical evidence of rapid CC. But I also think that the rapidly rising human population cannot be good for the ecological balance of the planet. And resource depletion will force strategies upon us. In my lifetime world population has nearly trebled. That is not sustainable. What to do about it is another matter. What I think will happen is that we will adapt to change in whatever form. It may be painful and it may be calamitous but events will be our master. Any attempts at control will meet resistance. However, tyranny is not unprecedented. Peculiar circumstances brought Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot to power and history can repeat itself in an altered sense. If the professor’s ideas find a resonance with enough people they will be adopted. If not they will not. Time will tell.

    • “But I also think that the rapidly rising human population cannot be good for the ecological balance of the planet. And resource depletion will force strategies upon us.”

      Is that you Paul Erlich???

      Since the Population Bomb was such a scientific bomb I guess the never ending idea of a Malthusian catastrophe happening will continue.

      Maybe Thomas Malthus has come back from the grave and this is the first sign of the zombie apocolypse.

  26. Great post. This really is scary stuff.

    One small clarification, if I may. Shearman was a reviewer for the 2007 IPCC report. This is worth noting, but we can thank heaven he wasn’t a lead author or anything close.

    His name does not appear on the list of IPCC authors for the upcoming edition, just getting underway. Which is something to be thankful for.

    I haven’t had a chance to check yet whether he was involved in any of the three earlier editions of the IPCC climate bible (published in 1990, 1995 and 2001).

  27. Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? is a Latin phrase from the Roman poet Juvenal.
    It is variously translated as “Who watches the watchmen?”, “Who watches the watchers?”, “Who will guard the guards?“, or “Who shall watch the watchers themselves?”.

  28. Has he just discovered a couple of long lost Star Trek scripts?

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  30. The Rise of The Eco-Nazi

    Part II

    21st Century Alchemy: Turning Carbon into Gold


    Returning this February, a new and exciting

    chapter detailing the real life saga of

    a small but dedicated group of Resistance fighters,

    who through luck and hard work, prevent

    the overthrow of the world’s oldest democracies

    by an unscrupulous band of politicians and

    climate change activists in 2008.

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  32. Professor?

    I recall the comment from Marshall McLuhan in the movie ‘Annie Hall’:
    “….. How you got to teach a course in anything is totally amazing!”

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  34. Am I the only one who finds all of this to be totally adolescent? It’s like reading the views of a seventeen year old.

    “The office will comprise specially trained philosopher/ecologists. These guardians will either rule themselves or advise an authoritarian government of policies based on their ecological training and philosophical sensitivities.”

    Yeah, yeah… and they’ll all live in this big city that’s powered by yoghurt, and they’ll speak this new language that I’m designing. And we’ll all have flying cars, and, and…

  35. In other times and places, people like this would be institutionalized – oh wait. He is.

  36. Wow. What a spendid example of a Watermelon!

    Do what I say or the planet will die!!!!!!!!

  37. These “philosopher-ecologists” – more accurately called theocologists or just green activists masquerading as scientists – are already far too abundant and use a new junk science called ‘Conservation Biology.’ This “crisis discipline” begins with the premise that everything is going extinct, we cannot wait for information to act, and that the role of a ‘scientist’ to be an active missionary.

    This branch of post-modern junk science is what told us that polar bears are destined for extinction, etc., and is the basis of the Great Biodiversity Crisis that the UN/WWF gang is now starting to promote full tilt.

    Send us money or the polar bears, or whatever, will die!!!!!

  38. He is a true Pol Pot’er.

  39. >Andy Weiss says:
    January 5, 2011 at 2:17 pm

    Now that the Soviet Union collapsed, someone has to run with Karl Marx’ banner. Aren’t you looking forward to the socialist utopia where there are no greedy rich and only the poor?<

    Andy is either very ignorant or a shill, trying to insert "cognitive dissonance" (= confusion) into the minds of people. Who says there will be "no greedy rich"? The kind of "New World Order" that is proposed is precisely a plan of rule by the super rich and the mega-corporations that they control. That's not socialism. It's fascism. Not every form of totalitarianism is "socialism". Duh.

  40. Brent Hargreaves

    Last year I wasted hundreds of hours fruitlessly debating the physics of Global Warming with a bunch of warmists. I finally concluded that my opponents were utterly immune to counterargument; their stance rigidly ideological. I offered a symmetrical “falsifiability deal”: if global temperatures rose to such-and-such a level on a certain number of occasions in the next decade I would accept the AGW hypothesis; in return I asked for their own falsifiability criteria. No takers. Question: Under what circumstances would you concede that the AGW hypothesis is refuted? Answer: “You’re not getting us on that one. It just is, OK?”

    It is most helpful that blogs such as this one are bringing the fascistic misanthropic nature of these AGW fanatics into ever-clearer focus. These activists have enjoyed great success up to now, with tangible results like windmills, climate change ministries, carbon capture, billion-pound money transfers agreed at Cancun, and nocturnal solar energy in Spain. The ineffectual People’s Front of Judea they ain’t.

    They are now undermining our democracy. How can they be opposed? We are not fanatics; I can’t imagine a mob of sceptics waving placards and rioting! All I can suggest is (a) writing to our MPs to exert gentle pressure for a return to sanity and (b) laugh at the ecofascists until they tire of their nonsense. The wit and humour we so enjoy on WUWT and Bishop Hill is conspicuously absent in our opponents.

    So let’s laugh ’em outta town. Let’s mock their neoapocalyptic nonsense until eco-extremism returns to its fetid dark corner.

  41. This is nothing but terrible, horrible, frightening. Eco fascism-nazism at its worst yet and then they call me a denier with nazi connotations. Hypocrites. I cannot believe it has ACTUALLY arrived to this. It reminds me of Solyent Green from which a quote is provided:

    Sol: There was a world, once, you punk.
    Det. Thorn: Yes, so you keep telling me.
    Sol: I was there. I can prove it.
    Det. Thorn: I know, I know. When you were young, people were better.
    Sol: Aw, nuts. People were always rotten. But the world ‘was’ beautiful.

    Communism again trying to destroy democracy and civilisation through a green backdoor, having failed to destroy it between 1917 and 1988.

  42. I don’t worry very much about eco-loons like Shearman and his fruitcake acolytes. All of them could probably meet in a phone booth with plenty of room left over.

    Besides, most guys like that don’t know one end of a gun from the other. They like to talk big, but out here in Flyover Country USA, we not only have weapons, we know how to use them. As a U.S. military veteran, I once swore an oath to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” I meant it then and I mean it now: Shearson and those who are foolish enough to follow his lunatic vision are the common enemies of everyone who believes in freedom.

    My advice to Shearson: either get some meds for your head or stay away from the good ole’ USA. If you and your latter day eco-SS ever blight our shores with violent intentions, you’ll all be going home in boxes.

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  50. Ok, so what exactly has this doctor done to lead the way? I EXPECT him to have the lowest possible carbon footprint before I will even bother finishing what he has written.

    I would fight for his right to say what he has said, however I find it hard to accept the obvious hypocrisy in what he is saying.

    I also hope the computer this guy used to write this stuff didn’t have any plastic components on it, because then I would suggest he’s probably being supported by Big Oil.

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  52. A democracy is by definition the form of government that has the most support by the population. Simply because every other form of government doesn’t have to care care what the people want.

    So the eco warrior elite of Shearman should better be prepared to fight against the population. He should write a curriculum including torture methods, construction of concentration camps and a complete surveillance state handbook, as his eco warrior elite movement must protect its goals from uprisings.

    His eco warrior elite will have to be a micture of the Waffen SS and the GeStaPo. I wonder how many resources he will have to expend just to try and keep his dictatorship alive.

    Regimes like that usually enter economic decline from day one; because unfree individuals will not work for the regime but concentrate on survival under oppression.

    This way, his eco warrior elite class will reach their goal of emissions reduction simply by being a parasitic tyranny; and his recipe is simply a suggestion to destroy civilisation through a long painful decline. Pretty fast the corpses would mount.

    So, after “reassessing my notion of what is or is not acceptable”, i come to the conclusion that he should be sent to an asylum for the insane, together with James Lovelock, Polly Higgins and George Monbiot, and given Bridge courses, so that the four of them could amuse themselves until they die peacefully from natural reasons.

    That i would find very acceptable indeed.

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  55. Thanks for writing this – a reader brought it to my attention. I wrote something that fits right in with it – The Climate Supremacists. That’s what they are.

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  59. I think that we are in the grip of the biggest and most insane hoax in history, and unless the public get wise to it soon, we will all be parted from what wealth we have.
    I think David Shearman and his friends at the IPCC have just about got us by the short hairs, ready to seperate us from what wealth we have at the very least.

    Lets take a simple economic view of what is likely to happen.

    In the absence of sufficient alternative solutions/technologies, the only way western countries can ever attain the IPCC demands of CO2 emissions reduced to 40% below 1990 levels, (thats about 60% below todays) is to machine restrictions on the use of fossil fuels. Emission Trading schemes are an example.

    As the use of fossil fuels is roughly linear with anthropogenic CO2 emissions, to attain a 60% reduction of emissions , means about the same proportion of reduction of fossil fuel usage, including petrol, diesel, heating oil, not to mention coal and other types including propane etc.

    No matter how a restriction on the use of these is implemented, even a 10% decrease will make the price of petrol go sky high. In otherwords, (and petrol is just one example) we can expect, if the IPCC has its way, a price rise on petrol of greater than 500%.
    First of all, for all normal people, this will make the family car impossible to use. Worse than that though, the transport industry will also have to deal with this as well and they will need to pass the cost on to the consumer. Simple things like food will get prohibitively expensive. Manufacturers who need fossil energy to produce will either pass the cost on to the consumer or go out of business. If you live further than walking distance from work, you will be in trouble.
    All this leads to an economic crash of terrible proportions as unemployment rises and poverty spreads.
    I believe that this will be the effect of bowing to the IPCC and the AGW lobby. AND as AGW is a hoax it will be all in vain. The world will continue to do what it has always done while normal people starve and others at the top (including energy/oil companies and emission traders) will enjoy the high prices.

    Neither this scenario nor any analysis of the cost of CO2 emission reductions is included in IPCC literature, and the Stern report which claims economic expansion is simply not obeying economic logic as it is known in todays academic world.

    The fact that the emission reduction cost issue is not discussed, leads me to believe that there is a deliberate cover up of this issue. Fairly obviously the possibility of starvation will hardly appeal to the masses.

    AGW is baloney anyway!




  60. nice…^_^v…………nice…^_^v…

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  63. I don’t believe there is any utopia anyone would enjoy living in more than a few days. We simply aren’t built that way. Strife (real or imagined) creates the tension that animates us unfortunately.

  64. Excellent! You and the author go live in China, North Korea or Saudi Arabia and work to transform them from within. Let us know how it goes! We’ll stick with our republican democracy, thank you, where you can publish rubbish like this with impunity (except reputation and believability).

  65. Thank you so much! I was searching for articles on eco population control and your blog came up. I love when I can quote them using their own words.
    I will be visiting often.

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