Blogroll started.

Just a short post to say I’ve figured out how to link to other sites and have started the blogroll.

As always happens, I’m sure I have forgotten loads of deserving sites, including some of my favourites, so please comment here if you know of any I should link to and I’ll get round to it.


19 responses to “Blogroll started.

  1. Hello haunt, some suggestions, WUWT, Jonova, Notrickszone,Bishophill,Realscience,Climatedepot,The dailey bayonet,Tom nelson, cartoons by josh; All great sites. WUWT and JONOVA are real good for the science they have alot of scienctist posting and commenting as with no tricks zone and bishop hill. Joshes cartoon are very good the bayonet is great for links to anything climate and his weekly round up is a kick to see the lunacy that is out there. hope this helps you get started and i will do what i can to pass the word on your blog. Looking forward to hearing from you. Myself i am just a laymen, i am in austin tx. an old auto mechanic for 25 yrs after 4 yrs. in the USMC. have always had good common sense and deductive reasoning , never beleived in the AGW mantra, has the world warmed yes and not enough to worry about since we have been comming out of the LIA since the early 1800s. Looking forward to more conversations with you

    • You see? I knew it. Notrickszone is a great site and i read it all the time, yet had totally forgotten it when it came to generating the links (which I can’t see on my blog yet, hmmm).

      Also Tom Nelson – how could I forget? D’oh!

  2. I use WordPress too HtL, so if you have any questions that I might be able to answer just drop me a line.

  3. Another note, Iam note that good with computers and do not know how to provide the links for these sites but are on google aint much good at typing ethier you know hunt and peck but i am geting faster at the 2 fingers dance

  4. Er, where?? :D:D

  5. Fred Singer’s Science and Environmental Policy Project weekly roundup
    Bob Ferguson’s Science and Public Policy Institute blog
    Steve McIntyre’s Climate Audit
    Mark Gillar’s ClimateGate Country Club

  6. Morning, Congratulations on your well deserved swift rise to prominence.

    • Thanks for the kind comment – and after I had so unforgivably forgotten to put you on the blog roll. What’s weird, is that I seem to have forgotten those blogs
      i like the most. Notrickszone is one of particular faves, yet I’d totally forgotten about adding it to the blogroll until someone mentioned it’s absence. I think there must be some dark and sinister psychological motivation at work here!

  7. I’m another Bishop Hill reader that started my own blog – on the anniversary of climategate,no less

    realclimategate – hope you like the name 😉

    I don’t know where you find the time to post so many articles – well done…
    I’m going to try and put 2-3 on a week on my blog.

    Currently I’m working on a couple more guest posts for Watts Up.
    If you have any ideas, or want to have a chat, drop by my contact page.


  8. HTL, just copy the blogroll from Bish and CaS and I think you have covered pretty much all. Yep, no idea how you guys find the time. So much to read in the library, so little time :o)

  9. This is an excellent site, but now that the equally excellent Mark Morano at Climate Depot has taken a shine to you, you had better be prepared to be demonised. The Team will no-doubt unleash the usual ankle-biters. Give them a kick from me. In the meantime, perhaps you could add a floating (always on top) back to the top button – very handy for long posts with hundreds of comments. There are several simple scripts available to accomplish this. Just a thought.

    Keep up the great work.

  10. If you don’t want to miss any from the blogroll just go to WUWT and look at the right column further down. I sometimes go the Climate Depot for entertainment.

  11. Congratulations on a really interesting site. I have put a link to you on my own blog. I have a long list of links that you are of course welcome to use anytime.

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