Yahoo News: “Global Warming Denial Aids Terrorists” Compares Skeptics to Osama Bin Laden

Yahoo News gets an early start for the title of 2011’s dumbest news article. But then, the competition for the title is very fierce these days.

The article, entitled “How Global Warming Denial Aids Terrorists”, slams dissent and discussion on the controversy surrounding global warming and instead hints that those who protest against spending hundreds of billions on the theory of AGW are some kind of fifth column working to weaken America from the inside.

The article takes aim at those who question global warming and asks:

Is their position actually weakening America’s security while strengthening terrorists?

The article then goes on to make an even more outrageous accusation, implying that the views of skeptics are aligned with Osama Bin Laden who masterminded the attacks which killed three thousand people in 2001:

Think about it: If we were to ask Osama Bin Laden the following questions, what would his answer be? Should America reduce its use of oil? Should America doubt the findings and value of its scientists? Amazingly, Bin Laden’s answers to those questions would almost certainly match those of global warming deniers.

It’s hard to say what’s more worrying about this piece, the crass attempt to link democratic debate and discussion with terrorism, as a way of silencing critics of the faltering global warming agenda, or the not-so-subtle implication that buying anything from a Middle Eastern country is supporting terrorism – the assumption presumably being that all Middle Easterners are terrorists who simply require enough funding.



2 responses to “Yahoo News: “Global Warming Denial Aids Terrorists” Compares Skeptics to Osama Bin Laden

  1. And yet, Osama Bin Laden seems to be a paid up member of the IPCC:

  2. I see the contributor is one of the ‘true believers’ called Brad Sylvester.

    ‘Brad spent 18 years in the consumer electronics industry, including more than ten years in new product development. He now writes full time from his home in the mountains of New Hampshire.’

    It seems you don’t need to be a mere railway engineer or economist to spout rubbish to the world. If you want to specialise in climatology and national security, the best route seems to be through consumer electronics product development.

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