CNN Goes Conspiracy Theory: Climategate was a “Black Ops” Operation.

It seems that the latest release of emails accompanied by a short note from “Mr FOIA” has got the warmists over at Climate News Network (CNN) all hot under the collar.

Personally, I found the short note from “Mr FOIA” to be very short and simple, almost anodyne. No railing against renewables, no declaration of capitalism above all else, just a quiet defense of what he did on the grounds that openness is surely justified in such a massively important arena as the debate over global warming, with all the billions of dollars it generates.

Paul Brown at CNN, though, knows differently. Mr FOIA is almost certainly not some hacker with a conscience, he informs us. No, the notes that accompanied the latest Climategate leak, Brown breathlessly intimates, shows this to be a black-ops operation.


CNN says Climategate leak is pure “black-ops”.

Brown gives us the background as he sees it to the Climategate leak. It started during the Second World War, he tells us, when the art of the covert operation was first used:

LONDON, 16 March – “Black ops” is what the military call it – using false radio messages, news releases and newspapers, leaflets, and creating conspiracy theories so the enemy is confused, demoralized and loses the stomach for the fight.

It worked so well in World War II that, in every conflict since, all sides have used the dark arts. Many of their methods and secrets are classified, too effective a weapon to allow to fall into the hands of the enemy.

A classic example has emerged in the last few days. A new leak of hundreds of thousands of emails between climate scientists is revealed. The climate deniers are having a field day. A new Climategate looms

CNN:  Climategate Three.

Thrilling stuff, eh? Why write about boring things like evidence and rational argument when you can just rewatch a couple of James Bond movies and bash out a column the next day?

Brown believes he has evidence though. Firstly, he asks us to consider who might benefit from the Climategate leaks. The obvious answer – everyone who is currently being gouged to pay to defend against a non-existent threat – does not occur to him. It’s big oil, apparently. (And don’t you just love that circumlocution? “Big oil” with its connotations of secret societies and conspiracies being cooked up in smoke-filled backrooms.)

Secondly, Brown presents us with his killer argument, his smoking gun. Mr FOIA’s note claiming not to be American or English is proof that he must be American or English and not only that, but black-ops as well because, you see, that’s exactly the kind of fiendishly clever thing these special operations guys do:

Although the memo is written in perfect English, it comes with a classic black ops style disclaimer that the writer is anything to do with North America. He claims not to have English as his first language, so implying that he is neither British nor American.

Later, to underline the point, he says there is “no conspiracy, no paid hackers, no Big Oil. The Republicans didn’t plot this.  USA politics is alien to me, neither am I from the UK.  There is life outside the Anglo-American sphere.”

Do you see how that works? Mr FOIA’s denial that he is English or American means that he obviously is English or American and that he is part of a massive conspiracy as well. Phew! Heady stuff huh?

Gathering information for the Climategate Conspiracy theory.

Gathering information for the Climategate Conspiracy theory.

Finally, in a last flourish to seal his case, Brown notes that so perfect has Climategate been as a black-ops operation that it must surely go down in the textbooks as a prime example. Noting how the “deniers” have seized on the latest release of emails, Brown gives a rather fruity and over-excited commendation to the spooks who dreamed the whole Climategate conspiracy up:

All the climate deniers, gullible to a man and woman, have seized on it with glee. To them Mr FOIA is a selfless hero who should get a medal.  It is magic stuff. It is a classic of Black Ops. It ought to be in the training manual of every secret service on the planet. – Climate News Network

And here’s me thinking that the idea of a hacker realising he had access to UAE and deciding to release the emails was the most obvious explanation. Clearly I haven’t watched the X Files as often as Mr Brown and his pals at the Climate News Network though or i would have suspected the fingerprints of the smoking man all over this one.

The smoking man 'fesses up to the whole affair. (Hat tip: Paul Brown @ CNN).

The smoking man ‘fesses up to the whole affair. (Hat tip: Paul Brown @ CNN).



Canadian Member of Parliament for the Liberal Party, Joyce Murray has also started embracing conspiracy theories it seems, calling Climategate a “black ops” campaign which throws “fresh meat to the undernourished few remaining denial dogs”. Wow. “Denial dogs” – there’s a term of disparagement worthy of the Soviet-approved terms for condemning Western “running dogs” imperialists, huh?

See her Tweet here:


Joyce Murray on Climategate. "We're through the looking-glass here people . . ."

Joyce Murray on Climategate. “We’re through the looking-glass here people . . .”


11 responses to “CNN Goes Conspiracy Theory: Climategate was a “Black Ops” Operation.

  1. I’m neither American, nor British, yet I can speak and write English very, very well. By Brown’s logic, I’m lying. Apparently he has never heard of other English speaking countries (not that FOIA needs to come from them to speak English well), like Australia, for example; home of some of the world’s most prominent alarmist morons.

    • Not only Australia but the Netherlands speak good English too. However, it was not “perfect English” as he describes it. Secondly, why would FOIA need to lie about not being English or American? No one knows who he / she is.

      The reporter calls us “climate deniers” – this is a step change from “climate change deniers”. This is how you know they are getting desperate. As I have said before it will and is becoming increasingly clear who the real deniers are. Tell them about the 16 year temperature standstill and they deny. Tell them about the increasing polar bear population and they deny. Tell the about Antarctic sea ice extent and they deny. Even if we went into another Little Ice Age they would deny this too and insist that the heat is hiding in closets ready to unleash hell fire and brimestone.

    • @DaveN: Same here … I’m Canadian ;).

  2. Never, ever, ever confront the argument. Obfuscate, misdirect, hurl ad hominems (having done so, it is uncouth to answer their reason. you don’t answer crazy, evil people!!), change the argument, but do WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO to avoid answering the simple, factual, reasoned argument.

    In this case, tar and feather the messenger. Don’t focus on the content of the emails. Nothing to see here. Move on.


  3. I am waiting for the movie. [Hollywood will never touch Michael Crichton’s novel on this theme.]

  4. Typical liberal nutcase. Blame Bush.

  5. He doesn’t get a medal. He gets free beer for life, girls (or boys if that’s his thing), several statues, streets and an international holiday named in his honor. And a pension payed for out of the pockets of UAE CRU crooks, U of Pa, NASA GISS and several other broken institutions.

  6. @Carbonicus, Spot on. None of the warmist sites would dare quote or refer to any of the CRU emails. They simply repeat the fact that x many inquiries absolved the scientists involved of any wrong doing. It’s only because the vast majority of people really don’t care enough about the issue, which is in itself quite odd, that they can get away with it.

  7. The perpetually alarmed alarmists practice pure Saul Alinsky – lie, and lie again – never admit to a lie, just repeat it because eventually enough people will start to believe it.

  8. Brown? Didn´the write the DaVinci Code?

    Interesting plot anyway

  9. The irony is that Paul Brown’s article is exactly the sort of thing that, had it been written from a CAGW-sceptic point of view, would be held up as a prime example of “conspiracist ideation in the blogosphere” by people like Stephan Lewandowsky.

    The fact that articles like that are perpetuating the ever-popular “big oil” conspiracy theory somehow never registers with Lewandowsky, Cook and the rest.

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