Obama Supporters Ridicule Suicide of Gay Man: “Natural Selection at its Finest”.

A popular alternative Left-Wing news website has revealed the ugly side of its liberal readership after publishing a link to a story about the suicide of a homosexual business owner in Florida.

Henry Hamilton, aged 64, of Key West, Florida, was a respectable local businessman, owner of the “Tropical Tan” salon. Recently business had not been so good and Mr Hamilton had become severely depressed about it, causing his partner and friends to worry about his welfare, to the extent of asking local police to check on the older man at his home regularly.

For whatever reason, Mr Hamilton blamed President Obama and his economic policies for the hardships he and his business were suffering, so much so that he told his partner, Michael Cossey, that “if Obama gets re-elected I’m not going to be around”. Shortly after President Obama’s re-election, a routine police welfare check found the unhappy local resident dead in his home, bottles of pills by his side and a note reading “F____ Obama” written on his will.

Clearly Mr Hamilton was under pressure because of his failing business, a situation made all the worse by his advancing years which meant he could hardly expect to start in business again. His suicide was very obviously a disproportionate reaction to the re-election which was the final straw, a trigger that brought things to a head for the unhappy man. A sad end to a tragic tale of the hardships many people are suffering under.

So when the left-wing / liberal alternative news website “Disinfo” posted a link to the Miami Herald’s story on its Facebook page, blithely asking its readers “Is this becoming a trend?” the jubilant and at times vicious reaction of its readers was deeply disturbing. Rather than what might perhaps be the expected response of pity for a well known local member of the gay community and small business owner, Obama supporters and other liberals were out in force, rejoicing that a homosexual that didn’t support President Obama had killed himself.

Here are a selection of the comments. WARNING: some of these are upsetting and deeply offensive. As the comments were made in a public forum, I have simply copied and pasted them without redacting names or pseudonyms:

Bridget Maryott: “Natural selection at its finest”

Timmy Huffman“Too bad he didn’t round up some like minded friends and make a suicide party out of it” [Whether Timothy means other homosexuals or simply other people who didn’t vote for the President is unclear].

Robert Elder: “One less moron”

Mike Ginevicz: “Evolution of natural selection” [Mr Ginevicz seems unaware that natural selection itself does not evolve, it is the process by which evolution happens].

Alejandro Rico: “one less dumbass I guess….long live Evolution!!!!

Danielle Manning: “Darwin’s survival of the fittest just weeded out another moron” [Ms Manning is obviously someone else who needs a lesson on how evolution works. Quite how a homosexual killing himself is “survival of the fittest” is something known only to Ms Manning herself].
Lance Kelley: “this is great news! keep up the good work republicans!“.
These, and other similarly sick and brutal responses to the death of an old man whose business was failing in the current harsh economic climate met not with condemnation from other readers, but with multiple “thumbs up” to indicate that others “liked” the thought being expressed. Neither did the Disinfo team take any action or make any statement on the hate speech broadcast on their forum.
Amidst the rejoicing and mocking the suicide of a gay business owner who dared to blame President Obama for the failure of his business, what was missing was any realization that suicide is an act of utter desperation almost always caused not by one factor, but by a number of different factors which converge to leave the victim feeling alone, trapped and helpless. The re-election of a President Mr Hamilton blamed for his economic situation (rightly or wrongly) was not the cause of his suicide, merely the trigger for the final act. The lack of understanding and outright malice shown by those who consider themselves “liberal” shows that  sadly outdated, judgmental and reactionary attitudes are still very much with us in the twenty first century. Instead, a sense of rage that a homosexual man might have the temerity to not support President Obama (who, let’s recall, opposed gay marriage for most of his tenure, only changing his position after immense pressure) was the dominant theme amongst these Obama supporters.
Given that this is by no means the first such instance of vitrolic hate speech unleashed by so called “liberals” against any homosexual or lesbian that has their own political opinions – see here for a Left-Wing Radio host advising a gay Mitt Romney supporter to go drink poison so he’d die – maybe the question Disinformation should be asking is is licensed hate speech becoming a trend?

8 responses to “Obama Supporters Ridicule Suicide of Gay Man: “Natural Selection at its Finest”.

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  2. What this shows is that decency and civility have long since left the general population. And it’s not so much that he’s homosexual, it’s that he had a business, which was going down under the mountains of regulations and taxes, and under an economy that is faltering. For the reasons behind all that, find out who’s been in power the last four years.

    Depression has many causes.

  3. A tragedy of a hardworking man who paid his taxes to support those who later vilified him. No wonder he lost hope

  4. It has been my experience that soi-disant liberals tend to be mean spirited. I suppose after feeling the pain of the faceless poor, the invisible disenfranchised, and the racial and sexual minority groups, there’s no empathy left for actual people.

    Aside: Good to see you posting again. Three months is too long.

    cheers, g

  5. what disgusting people you have commenting here

  6. Thanks for the post. It is indeed worrying that some folk speak in such a hateful way. But in a paradoxical way; it is also useful to have a signal to observe the bigotry and bias held in some peoples minds. Maybe then other folk can see it and challenge it, and maybe bring a correction. But then again, maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part.

    I’m very happy with my choice to leave your link alive in my RSS reader!
    Kind regards from NZ.

  7. Thanks for bringing this to our attention. An outrage, but nothing special in Obama’s America.

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