Global Warming Author Equates USA With Nazi Germany. Accuses it of Genocide.

Another fascinating insight into the mentality of the warmist which chillingly demonstrates just how much they seem to be animated by hatred of the modern world .

Prominent global warming alarmist Chris Hedges has made a startling denouncement of his own country and condemned its actions in winning the Second World War. America, he writes, demonstrated that it was “as morally bankrupt as the Nazi machine it had recently vanquished” when it dropped the atom bomb on Hiroshima and then on Nagasaki.

America, he goes on, deliberately committed an act of carefully planned, cold-blooded genocide for which there was no reason –

It was an act of mass annihilation that was strategically and militarily indefensible. The Japanese had been on the verge of surrender. Hiroshima and Nagasaki had no military significance. It was a war crime for which no one was ever tried.

Chris Hedges, The Science of Genocide.

Hedges’ contention that it was unnecessary and that Japan was “on the verge of surrender” is of course not only remarkably stupid but an insult to the lives of the tens of thousands of servicemen and women who fought and died battling the fanatical Japanese military machine which – and this is perhaps the crucial point Hedges is at pains to omit – launched an unprovoked attack on America, as well a  murderous campaign of invasion, rape, torture and slavery on neighbouring countries. On this, Hedges is totally, completely silent.

Hedges target here, though, is not just his own country, but science and technology in general which he claims are responsible for the genocides of the twentieth century by making them possible, an argument analogous in its fatuousness to claiming that matches are responsible for arson attacks because they make them possible. You see, science for Hedges is not the rational discovery of truth for the benefit of humankind. It isn’t medicine, warmth, power, light, and knowledge. Rather, for him and his kind it is something to be feared and loathed:

Science is for us what totems and spells were for our premodern ancestors. It is magical thinking. It feeds our hubris and sense of divine empowerment. And trusting in its fearsome power will mean our extinction.

Fittingly, he quotes noted psychotic liar, Bruno Bettelheim, as support for his argument that progress hasn’t actually improved the lot of mankind but is responsible for all the terror and slaughter that the rest of us thought were caused by the communists in Russia and China and the National Socialists in Germany. Bettelheim was a man so prone to confabulation that even his long-time personal assistant remarked of him “you couldn’t believe a word he said”. Why would Hedges or anyone else, then, quote such a person in support of their argument? I can’t fathom it and will leave to the reader to speculate.

How ironic then that in his column, The Sky Really is Falling, he accuses skeptics of global warming of “self-delusion”.  This from a man who apparently really believes there’s an equivalency to be drawn between Nazi Germany and Japan which launched genocidal attacks on the world, and America, which reluctantly entered the war only after it was directly attacked without provocation. A man who doesn’t welcome science for curing crippling and painful diseases and ailments, for feeding the world, and lifting humanity out of drudgery, but rather sees it as some malignant force that will lead to our extinction.

This is something, I believe, to bear in mind next time you read another jeremiad on global warming or “evil capitalism” from Hedges or one of his alarmist cronies. The fact that he is still being published by media outlets is nothing short of a scandal.


12 responses to “Global Warming Author Equates USA With Nazi Germany. Accuses it of Genocide.

  1. This writer is obviously unaware that Japan had millions of men in China as yet unscathed by the war. I believe the figure was 8 million.

  2. Subtract any inconvenient facts from narratives like Hedges’ or another such topics and you end up with conclusions that FEEL right, therefore they must be so.

    Raging wildfires in Colorado? Why, the entire west is aflame, thus global warming must be the cause (nevermind that the fires have been put out by vast swaths of rainfall).

    Extreme weather! Thus global warming must be the cause (nevermind that tornado and hurricane activity is on the decline).

    And then this gem, from a lady I was jousting with last year regarding skeptic scientists being corrupted by fossil fuel industry finding: “I have no doubt that industry is dishonest, which is the bottom line. It sounds like you really need to see this evidence before you are convinced. Can’t you just trust your gut feelings?”

    This mentality flies in the face of fundamental fact-finding, and the global warming issue is a showcase for how such faulty thinking is able to drive an agenda that would otherwise implode under hard scrutiny. I wrote an article on a comparison of the ‘trust your gut’ reactions regarding the science side of AGW and the facet about why we are supposed to ignore skeptic climate scientists, please see “Global Warming’s Killer: Critical Thinking”

  3. Thanks for mentioning Bettelheim. Didn’t know that crook, goes into my collection.

    • I also read the article on Bettelheim. Most interesting. I also followed the link for psychotic savants.

      From that link: “Areas of psychotic savant expertise might be religious and political evangelism; literary and theatrical culture; litigation and the law; hypnosis, faith-healing, and psychotherapy; fashion, advertising, and public-relations; commerce, confidence-trickery, and fraud of all kinds. Such individuals would be expected to have superb social, political, and inter-personal skills which would explain why, despite their severely distorted cognitive profiles, they have escaped clinical attention and diagnosis.”

      Ehrlich and Gore immediately spring to mind…………

  4. Hedges should watch this video, which might put him straight, if such a thing is possible.

  5. This guy is one of many of the so called intellectuals out there touting the evils of the US throughout it’s history. Such deranged logic one has to use to come his conclusion. Chris, let’s try this theory. I can almost guarantee my Father would have likely died had we invaded Japan by convention means. Therefore, a$$hole you can go “F” yourself. If your aren’t quite sure how one performs this procedure, I will be more than happy to type the instructions out in braille and shove them your a$$ !!!

  6. freedomactionnow

    I’m amazed that people are still out on this obvious necessity. The Japanese were never going to surrender. Consider the losses on just one Pacific Island – Okinawa. We lost 7,000 men a day; the Japanese more. They put that much effort into a remote island – how much more for their homeland?

    For background, see Nanking.

    If the war had dragged on, not only would we have suffered massive casualties – like the Japanese, but the end result would have been a North Japan and a South Japan – much like we see in Korea. There are many unintended consequences of not ending the war – I leave it to alternate-history writers to go into that. The world would surely be a vastly different place.

    As an aside, shortly before August, Truman met with Stalin and told him we had an extremely powerful weapon, which we were about to use. Stalin didn’t even pretend to be surprised. He knew all about it, from his contacts in the Manhattan Project.

  7. Mr Hedges belongs in the same padded cell as the people who say the Holocaust never happened. (And one of them was speaking at the UN today.)

  8. Thanks, “Freedom”. This might be of some interest to other history buffs.
    1) The Japanese home islands are just that. Islands. Which means that at least 4 seperate invasions would have been required to capture the main islands, not counting the 6,000 plus other islands.
    2) After the war in Europe, whole divisions were being planned to be send overseas to the Pacific war. Some were already being loaded on ships on the west coast while others were on the way after a home leave.
    3) There were more than 140,000 prisoners of war held on the home islands of Japan. Their lot would have been the same as the prisoners of the Makin island raid. Include the tens of thousands held as prisoners in Indonesia, Korea, Formosa, Vietnam, Cambodia, Burma and of course Chinese that would have starved to death or otherwise deposed of.
    4) After 1942 it was the official policy of the Nippon empire to execute any new prisoners of war.

    Was Truman right to drop the bombs? You betcha.

  9. The Japanese plans to defend their homeland were best described as fanatical. Japan had 2 years of ‘dirty bomb’ research in China plus tech in the pipe which would have proved formidable.
    That said, to say the U.S. was an innocent when it was playing the Sanctions game against oil supply in Japan and Germany is naive indeed. People accept that the USSR told ‘selective history’ and does not recognize that the model which told affairs from the view of the military aggressor in the Indian Wars never changed. Psyops and ‘educational conditioning’ make an informed viewpoint an act difficult indeed to attain. I would rather you paid attention to Zinn.
    Try this on for size.

  10. s grain consumption increased by 36,280,000 tonnes (40 million tons).
    Of all the possible global disruptions, the two most likely are global
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