Science Fail: Popular Website Illustrates Effects of Global Warming in Antarctica with Picture of Polar Bear.

Just one of those stories that make you chuckle when warmists accuse sceptics of not knowing anything about science. The popular alternative left-wing website,, chose to illustrate a story about global warming turning Antarctica tropical with a picture  . . . of a polar bear.

Disinformation indeed! Global warming will apparently cause polar bears to migrate to Antarctica. Or something.

Publicising the post on their Facebook page with the headline “Polar Bear Luau!”  in reference to the festival on the semi-tropical Hawaiian archipelago, linked to a ScienceDaily story about Antarctica once being a tropical paradise, and warning that it may become one again, thanks to global warming.

Discounting for a moment the rather unusual fact that a story which confirms that the earth’s coldest place was once tropical before SUVs is used to warn of the so-called “dangers” of global warming, choosing to illustrate that story with a picture of an animal that lives literally on the the other side of the world is more than a little embarrassing for a website which promises to tell you the truth about the world under the slogan “Everything you know is wrong”. Indeed.

Disinfo’s Facebook post. The polar bear looks a little confused. Perhaps he’s wondering why he’s on the wrong side of the world?

This isn’t the first time warmists have warned of the effect global warming will have on the phantom polar bears of Antarctica. Only last year HauntingtheLibrary noted a similar story which warned that “The entire planet is affected by global warming, and polar bears in Antarctica aren’t the only ones facing changes”.

So, a simple request to all warmist publications out there: before accusing us sceptics of scientific illiteracy, could you at least locate your trophy animals in the right hemisphere? Or is that too much to ask?

11 responses to “Science Fail: Popular Website Illustrates Effects of Global Warming in Antarctica with Picture of Polar Bear.

  1. But was this when Antaarctica was attached to Africa or somewhere? When all the continents were joined together and Antarctica was much further North and therefore more likely to be hot?

  2. Bwuhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

  3. has a new pic now

  4. I have difficulties visiting using a Android smartphone … Ironically the site are trying to “run away” …

    Btw, they’ve change the picture …

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  6. Scientists report that polar bears are facing ever-increasing problems as the world warms up – aside, of course, from being instantaneously transplanted thousands of miles away to a different continent. It’s no laughing matter.

    For instance, they might be turning to cannibalism, due to starvation caused by dwindling sea ice, scientists speculate – okay, the few polar bears observed eating other bears have been “in pretty good body condition”, but that awkward fact shouldn’t really be allowed to stand in the way of such a nice, plausible-sounding theory.

    They may soon be about to go deaf as well, more scientists have speculated, as dwindling sea ice leads to huge numbers of ships penetrating into Arctic regions up the Northwest Passage, and the colossal din of all those humans doing things annihilates the bears’ sense of hearing.

    Worst of all, they could be shrinking in size, due to the pressure of global warming. Good news for their usual prey animals, you might think, as who needs to be afraid of hamster-sized polar bears? But you’d be dead wrong, though, as global warming would simultaneously make all the seals and walruses smaller as well – let’s say (putting my speculative, scientific hat on, for a moment) about the size of bedbugs.

    One thing would definitely save the polar bears, though. If climate change did actually shrink them down to the dimensions of gerbils, they’d make very cute and adorable pets. I’d certainly want one – wouldn’t you? And so would lots of people. True, they’d be deaf, and therefore wouldn’t respond to voice commands, and they’d tend to eat each another, so you’d be limited to one per household. But even so. My next book, by the way, will be “The Miniature Polar Bear: A Family Pet Guide Book” – available from Amazon just as soon as global warming really does take hold, at some point in the future, one day.

    • Imagine the mess they would make out of a hamster.

    • Breaking news – WWF is starting an “adopt a polar bear” campaign. Donors will be able (at their expense) to visit their adopted oh-so-cuddly “pet” once a year and feed it salmon steaks, clad in a warm sealskin coat thoughtfully provided by local Inuit hunters, who will film the proceedings for a souvenir DVD, while watching from a safe distance. What could possibly go wrong?

      BTW – I lied about the salmon steaks. I also lied about the sealskin coats, and the WWF campaign, and…. but it’s a great idea innit? If it’s OK to photoshop bears on fake floes, it’s fair game to fib a bit.

  7. Mitchell Persaud

    At least it is a nice picture of a polar bear.

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