Australian Climate Tsar Calls for Ripping Fillings from the Dead: “You Just Need a Pair of Pliers”

When it comes to saving the planet, you never ever know what they will demand next. Just last week it was a demand to “barcode everyone at birth“. This week, it’s the other, previously sacred, end of life they’re looking at, with a demand to rip the fillings from corpses with a pair of pliers.

In a stunning demand, Tim Flannery, Australia’s Climate Commissioner, has made a public announcement before a medical convention, calling for all mercury fillings to be removed by law from the bodies of the recently deceased so that they don’t pollute the atmosphere when cremated:

Addressing the Australian Medical Association’s national conference in Melbourne yesterday, he said an awareness campaign was needed.
“I think people would be comfortable with removing the fillings, it is just a matter of awareness,” he said.
Prof Flannery said undertakers should be required to remove the fillings and families also could request it.
You just need a pair of pliers,” he said. “It is a $2 solution [to atmospheric pollution].
Barcoded at birth, teeth ripped out with a pair of pliers when you die. Not much a  life is it? Still, at least human pollution will be being dealt with in as efficient, cost-effective manner as possible.

Climate Change Chief’s “$2 Solution”


4 responses to “Australian Climate Tsar Calls for Ripping Fillings from the Dead: “You Just Need a Pair of Pliers”

  1. This sends shivers up and down my spine.

    Reminds me of Auschwitz, Treblinka, Belzec and simular places, where they had the tradition to pull out gold teeth and fillings on both dead and living (without anesthesia) …

  2. After my father died the undertakers bill included the crematorium charges. These mentioned an “Environmental Surcharge”. He didn’t have a heart pacemaker or any replacement joints, so I don’t know if this was for removing his fillings, or just some arbitrary tax…

  3. Well if it were composite fillings you’d be right to be outraged but cremated mercury amalgam is source of mercury in our environment.

    Studies have shown the amount of mercury to be released per body cremated to range from 0.25 grams to slightly over 1.00 grams


    Such numbers indicate that the average cremation of a body with amalgam emits as much mercury as is contained in 156 compact fluorescent lamps.

  4. So why can’t they install mercury traps at the crematorium? It’s been a requirement for several years in the UK.

    for example:

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