Flashback 1972 – David Suzuki: Humans are just “maggots” that “defecate all over the environment”

David Suzuki and the foundation he founded like to project a caring, sharing image of themselves as guardians of the planet, and of the next generation, protecting the environment for the benefit of the children. But how does David Suzuki really view humanity? What does he say when he’s with friends, and not in an interview for publication?

A fascinating clip from 1972 has surfaced, giving us a searing insight into how Suzuki really views humanity, and it’s not a pleasant picture. In the clip, Suzuki can be heard detailing his world view that people are “maggots” that “defecate all over the environment”.  Far from viewing children and the next children as a repository of hope and change, as he’s argued in published interviews, he Suzuki explains he sees babies as just like maggots that hatch from the egg, crawl out of the womb and then crawl around like maggots simply eating and defecating all over the environment.

A young woman can be heard murmuring in agreement ” . . . the world is overrun with maggots”, to which Suzuki nods in agreement and carries on.

Nice huh?

15 responses to “Flashback 1972 – David Suzuki: Humans are just “maggots” that “defecate all over the environment”

  1. Good to see you back in the saddle, HTL … I’ve seen that appalling Suzuki video before. But in addition to his other self-aggrandizing hypocrisies, it’s worth noting (as Donna Laframboise has documented he has five (5) “maggots” of his own.

    • Thanks, and yes, like Ted Turner and all the others who think they are far too many of us and the situation is tearingly urgent, somehow it’s okay for them to have far larger families than the rest of us. Go figure . . .

  2. Logically, wouldn’t that make him something like a “10th level maggot”, according to his fruit-fly model of the human world? 🙂

  3. When will these people start leading by example???

  4. “and some other smaller maggots can eat your defecation and get some nourishment out of it ”
    That sounds like Suzuki’s business model.

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  6. Looking at those sitting around for the discussion I would say he has some experience with maggots.

  7. The guy is nothing more than Fruit Fly Doctor who is a “whore” for the National Broadcaster CBC and LOVES Maurice Strong and all he stands for!

  8. Maggots perform a necessary and valuable function for the world.

    So, what does this say of Suzuki?

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