Impartiality in Science Cast Aside – Political Activism and Attacks on Sceptics Now Called For.

In a move which once and for all removes any doubt any reasonable person may have had on the impartial nature of climate science, the head of the Royal Society, Paul Nurse, has issued a statement calling for climate scientists to get get involved in activism and political agitation. An interview with the left-wing magazine, The New Statesman, quotes Nurse calling for climate scientists to drop any pretense of impartiality, and start agitating for political change:

 Nurse’s undergraduate socialist spirit is still alive and well: he wouldn’t be against scientists getting involved in activism. “We are citizens, and citizens should be involved in politics, and I think those that have a strong view should be involved in party politics,” he says. “I’m happy to see fellows of the Royal Society politically engaged, if that’s what they see as right.”

We can see what kind of shape this activism will be taking already. As The Guardian reports, activist climate scientists are “getting angry” and recording videos calling doubters of global warming “motherf**kers” and “bitches”. This was welcomed by New Scientist and Guardian writer, Michael Brooks, as a very good thing:

While most scientists have learned keep their heads down, a few are beginning to argue that what a scientist knows must inform his or her personal opinions and values. That’s why a group of young Australian climate scientists released an expletive-filled music video earlier this year. It was an angry rap aimed at those who question climate science while holding no qualifications in the field. They used the rather unscientific word “motherfucker” and poured scorn on “bitches” opposing a carbon tax.

Hearteningly, there may be more of this to come. Paul Nurse, the new president of the Royal Society, has said he would be happy to see scientists getting fully engaged with politics and involved with activism.

The farce of the great global warming scare will, sadly, continue for some time to come. What is now very clear for all to see, though, is that now it is no longer a question of disinterested scientists interpreting the data, but outright activism with a clearly political agenda. It is now out in the open.


18 responses to “Impartiality in Science Cast Aside – Political Activism and Attacks on Sceptics Now Called For.

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  3. Another piece of this jigsaw of political activists who have stumbled across climate concern as a vehicle for their ambitions has been provided recently by Donna Lamframboise: The story begins with the shoddy tale of a PR-exercise to take advantage of hurricane activity in 2004. This featured Kevin Trenberth, and also a more senior figure in the IPCC at that time: a James J McCarthy.


    ‘But let us return to McCarthy and his career.

    Between 1997 and 2001 he co-chairs an IPCC working group.

    In 2004 he participates in a press conference that implies there’s a link between global warming and more intense hurricanes – even though he has no expertise in that field, and even though no peer-reviewed scientific literature exists to support his position.

    In 2009 he serves as president of a prestigious scientific body.

    Then he becomes chairman of an organization that uses the prestige and authority of science to advance a left-wing, activist agenda.

    Let me just repeat those two last points: At the same time that he was leading the American Association for the Advancement of Science, McCarthy became the head of a notoriously activist body.

    Wow. When I began researching the global warming debate two years ago I had no idea how far my opinion of scientists was going to plummet.’

  4. “It was an angry rap aimed at those who question climate science”
    According to Pierre Gosselin two can play at that game….

  5. Yes Virginia, there is no integrity in Climate Science and a few thousand other places too. It’s a dog eat dog World in these fields of endeavour; it’s all for the money, the fame, the “glory” of re-making the World into a better place for only themselves. There have always been people like this in every walk of life. They collect in small groups and foul the air for everyone except themselves. As opportunity presents itself, as the cancer grows, they contaminate all around them. Do not be surprised or frightened. The old adage: “Believe nothing you hear and only have of what you see.” is still the very good and safe policy in life. Do not be confused or impressed with big words and arm gestures, or titles like Doctor, Professor, General, Priest, Senator, President, or Teacher. All of us must prove our worth and the value of our recommendations every day, rain or shine, day in and day out. There are no free passes for anyone. Sleep well Virginia, tomorrow is another day, and the beginning of the rest of your life.

  6. I don’t think Nurse, who hasn’t a physics’ clue, has a psychological clue about the Pandora’s box he’s just opened.

    The fact is, the IPCC science is daily being opened up as long-term fraud. The latest revelation about the deliberate distortion of the only non-modelling estimate of climate sensitivity to make it fit the models is particularly damaging because a group within NASA knew by 2004 that the models had two major scientific mistakes** so cannot predict climate.

    NASA physicist Ferenc Miskolczi was forced out when he couldn’t publish his finding that the origin of ‘back radiation’ is a mathematical mistake by Sir Arthur Milne in 1922.

    The ‘cloud albedo effect’ cooling supposed to add 44% to median net AGW in AR4 is the result of an error by Carl Sagan in the 1960s which he used to justify his views on Venus and CAGW: it’s imaginary and new evidence is emerging that’s it’s really heating.

    It looks like Miskolczi is right [in a water planet, the IR optical depth in the atmosphere is a physical constant, so self corrects] and there is no net CO2-AGW.

  7. You ask ” Who’s Virginia”
    I dont know if it’s an attempt at humour, or you really missed the connection.

    Yes, VIRGINIA, there is a Santa Claus.

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