Carbon Credits Billionaire to Strip Mine the Arctic.

Sometimes the self-defeating nature of the global warming campaign goes from comedy to farce. This is definitely one of those occasions.

The steel magnate and Britain’s richest citizen, Lakshmi Mittal, has been the recipient of billions in carbon credits. Much of this came from the shutting down of European steel manufacturing and relocating production in lower wage countries like India.

Now it emerges that Mittal is planning a “mega-mine” within the Arctic circle to supply iron ore to his steel plants around the world:

Britain’s richest man is planning a giant new opencast mine 300 miles inside the Arctic Circle in a bid to extract a potential $23bn (£14bn) worth of iron ore.

The “mega-mine” – which includes a 150km railway line and two new ports – is believed to be the largest mineral extraction project in the Arctic and highlights the huge commercial potential of the far north as global warming makes industrial development in the region easier.

So, in the name of tackling global warming, European taxpayers have paid literally billions whilst losing jobs and tax revenue, production has moved to a lower wage country with an awful lot of the product being shipped back to where it was made, and now the the recipient of this money is strip-mining the Arctic to get at the ore there and there’s nothing climate campaigners in the West can do about it, as the factories are all in India and other countries which have made it quite clear they have no intention of imposing any restrictions on their manufacturing base.

Does this make any sense to anyone? Anyone at all?

7 responses to “Carbon Credits Billionaire to Strip Mine the Arctic.

  1. Nope – it makes no sense at all.

    Nor does the whole carbon credit scam either.

  2. Yes! Perfect sense! When ‘opportunity’ occures someone has simply got to take the risk and jump in with both feet. And.. even when the opportunity is ‘accidental’ the same is true. Note that I’m not saying there’s anything accidental about this. In fact, it smells of political graft and curruption. But, the way things happen, it might have been just a lucky happenstance –though I doubt it. Yes, it makes perfect sense. Remember WWII? Why did Germany invade Russia? Why did the Japs bomb Pearl Harbor? Why is Merkel throwing nuc power plants out the window? Why is Obama not drilling and mining and putting Americans back to work? Stupidity! Graft! Curruption! It’s very natural for people to be very stupid and greedy and currupt. It makes perfect sense.

    • I disagree. Merkel’s nuke phase-out plan is dictated by political economics. Take away the scare “nukes” from the greens and they can’t replace it with an equally motivating scare. Same with AGW: Merkel wanted to be greener than the greens to co-opt them.

      I’m not sure whether her gamble will work; but it is one of a number of possible strategies. I’m not too happy with it but her motivation is logical in a way.

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  4. What’s sacred about the Arctic? “Drill and blast” I say.

  5. I just came across this site and I must admit I’m not sure what to say: is this one of these sites where two to three corporate-paid simulators act dozens of people commenting and singing in unisone hymns to capitalist greed, or is it some kind of attempt to actually add to quality of environmental issues discussion. Some comments here, though, disapprove the latter. To say “drill and blast” today is either enormous stupidity, or pure criminal.

    • why is it either stupid or criminal to say we should be using the natural resources in the ground? What should we do – leave them there? Was life better before or after we started blasting and drilling? Better, of course. But go on, dazzle us with your reasoning and logic, Damir, and tell us how we can have a better world without using natural resources. I would love to hear it. I’ll get some popcorn.

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