Global Weirding: How Global Warming Will Mean More Cyclones AND Fewer cyclones.

Don’t you just the love the way that warmists get to have it every which way? Whatever happens they have every base covered, so they can point to any trend as proof of man-made global warming.

Case in point: cyclones. In 2009 Grist ran a piece telling us why global warming would mean more cyclones. Citing “our favorite meteorologist and hurricane blogger,” Jeff Masters of Weather Underground, it warned:

More intense storms will be seen earlier and later in the season. The 2005 hurricane season was the most striking example of that trend, with Emily “the earliest-forming Category 5 hurricane on record in the Atlantic,” in July, and Zeta, the longest-lived tropical cyclone to form in December and cross over into the next year, where it became the longest-lived January tropical cyclone.

Quite unequivocally, the article stated that global warming would lead to more cyclones, and we could expect to see this trend continue, as Jeff Masters and others had forecast.

Fast forward to 2011 and The Guardian, which ran a picture article citing Jeff Masters of the Weather Underground which declared 2010 “the year of global weirding”. The effects of global warming could be seen in the strange weather phenomena illustrated in the photographs, among which was a satellite picture of a cyclone with the caption:

Each year, the globe has about 92 cyclones – called hurricanes in the Atlantic and eastern Pacific, typhoons in the western Pacific and tropical cyclones in the southern hemisphere. In 2010, we had just 68

That’s right, the process of “global weirding” could be seen in the dramatic fall in the number of cyclones. Global warming, you see, leads to more cyclones. And fewer cyclones. It depends on what’s happening at the time. All part of “global weirding”.

6 responses to “Global Weirding: How Global Warming Will Mean More Cyclones AND Fewer cyclones.

  1. Charles Higley

    Was life caused by global warming? Hmmm.

  2. geof barrington

    hehehe, iv noticed that before . the greenies talk out both sides of their mouths . up in the yukon , they were saying thaat iif a mine goes into this certain area the pristine beauty of the place would be destroyed forever and ever .while at another time they were talking about a mine in the fifties on the same depossit that absolutly ruined the pristine beauty of the place . whatever works at the time . no lie is to great for these people .

  3. I shall Listen to Tree Hug’s when they can make it rain or stop it .
    Why ? With a World Being 71 % Water .. 29 % Land and a Third of that Land being Desert .
    One would think IF Man controlled the Weather .
    He surly could have made it rain by now after a Century with Billions spent in 60 Countries and make our Deserts Futile since there are 7 Billions Mouths to feed .

  4. Best quote from the Graun’s “weirding” article: ‘”Hot years tend to generate more wet and dry extremes than cold years. This occurs [because] there is more energy available to fuel the evaporation that drives heavy rains and snows, and to make droughts hotter and drier in places storms are avoiding,” he says.’

    We’ll definitely know global weirding is happening, because it’ll either be wet, dry, raining, snowing (in a hot sort of way), stormy or not stormy. Or the opposite of any of these, depending on the location.

  5. “there is more energy available”

    Thanks for digging out that old canard, Alex. It’s almost like they believe that if you heat both ends of a thermocouple that it’ll create a greater voltage differential.

  6. While talking about global warming there are many aspects which we forget or sometimes avoid talking about. Even Gore didn’t talk about something that is the most contributing factor towards Global Warming Watch the documentary “Meat The Truth” it will change the way we think about Global Warming Available online on Culture Unplugged

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