Global Warming Causes . . . Fall of American Empire to China.

Yep. Climate change caused everything that has ever happened. Bubonic plague – climate change. Thirty years war – climate change. Fall of the Roman empire – climate change. And now there’s a new one to add to the list of everything that is caused by global warming in one way or another.

Oped News has an article saying that global warming is causing the fall of the American empire. Why? Well, that’s less clear. Something to do with those treacherous sceptics and Republicans not believing in it, which means that China is now stronger and better than America. Or something like that. Like I say, the reasoning wasn’t the article’s strong point.

I would need to see the article in plain English before hazarding a guess as to exactly what the author was on about, but here it is in the original Warmese:

With so many people in US who believe that global warming is a fraud, even when the climate around them is fast changing for the worse, how soon will U.S. Empire fall? Will global warming help topple the mighty giant at the hands of China? Will the latter country become the next Empire? This country is certainly on the right track for taking over the U.S., given its increasingly strong economic power and large military arsenal (see my piece on this subject here). Perhaps global warming may accelerate this process.

Although China is a gigantic contributor of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, they are also more active than the US in trying to curb or reduce their noxious emissions. At the very least, they are trying to do something about it.

This does not bode well for the United States…

Oped News. Does Global Warming Mean the Fall of the US Empire?

Does he really mean “taking over the U.S.” or do you think he might have meant “overtaking the U.S.”? Who can say? The article is hardly a paragon of incisive thought and lucid prose.


39 responses to “Global Warming Causes . . . Fall of American Empire to China.

  1. I see this guy also claims that the probability of global warming not being caused by human activity is 1 in 131,236,127,521,095,000,000,000. Sounds like the kind of person the BBC needs for one of their ‘documentaries’.

  2. I would like to see figures that compared the number of AGW adherents in the USA, with the number of AGW adherents in China, on a per capita basis.
    Bettcha there are more sceptics in China – very pragmatic folk, the Chinese.

  3. Oped News said:Although China is a gigantic contributor of anthropogenic greenhouse gases, they are also more active than the US in trying to curb or reduce their noxious emissions. At the very least, they are trying to do something about it.

    That’s because their emissions *are much more noxious*.

  4. It’s often difficult to understand articles written in Warmese, and usually not worth the trouble.

    China (along with India) is certainly benefiting from the West’s silly fantasy about man-made climate change, building environmentally disastrous neodymium-magnet windmills by the thousand and also building the factories that the West no longer dares to because of ’emission limits’ and ‘carbon credits’.

    Global warming scaremongering is what is contributing to the loss of American and Western prominence.

  5. That article ranks among the silliest warmist articles that I’ve ever read, and that takes a lot. I’m shocked that the guy is an engineer. He even includes a picture of a fairly ordinary cloud formation taken by his wifey. Apparently the cloud scared the both of them. They thought it was “weird” and ominous. I weep for American manhood. Once this AGW fever gets in your system you see it everywhere you look.

    Nice to see how a purported engineer has expanded the term, noxious, to include CO2. Noxious is defined as 1. harmful or injurious to health or physical well-being: noxious fumes. Quite the stretch to define CO2 as noxious.

    China is about 20 years behind the USA in curbing any type of emissions, and how does AGW, which we are told is a global phenomenon, exempt China while toppling the USA?

  6. Future generations will wonder how we ever let the scare of AGW run for sooooooo long.

    We have a wealth of predictions that over the years will be laughed at just like snowfalls being just a thing of the past.

  7. The author is ignorant… I’ve read enough papers and books to know that the goal by 2100 is a convergence of GDP’s (our’s and other DC’s will lower, LDC’s will rise). AGW is being used to bring about the NIEO that fizzled out in the ’80’s. The greens also are pushing for us to have a much lower standard of living so that there’s more resources for the rest of the world to use.

    Consider what’s going to happen to the mostly everyday items on the following list that are made with oil when oil gets really expensive…

    Click to access The_many_uses_of_Petroleum.pdf

    My guess is that the 70% of our economy that is consumption based will be pretty much decimated.

    • An interesting list. There are many items on that list that I would find it hard or almost impossible to do without.
      There are many items on that list that greenies would find it hard to do without too.
      They don’t really think these things through do they?

    • I guess that all of these items can be made from similar hydrocarbons as well, maybe by tweaking the production process; so when it becomes economical, factories will switch from petroleum products to plant oils or to synthetic hydrocarbons, or to shale oil, or to liquefied coal… And we would still have petroleum, it would just gradually be replaced by cheaper or better replacements. The stone age didn’t end for a lack of stones…

  8. I have it on very good authority that global warming is the root cause of global warming.

  9. Actually climate change was responsible in paret for the fall of the Roman Empire.
    Rome comnquered Gaul and Britain during a warm period; they grew wine grapes near York. In the subseq

  10. Sorry. That sho9uold not have happened.
    In the subsequent cold period the agricultural (read tax) take from Gaul and Briitain dropped, maing that part of the empire uneconomic, so the Romans abandoned their citizens to the Barbarians, who were fleeing west to avoid the Hunnu (Huns) whose old lands China had dried out.

    It was global coolng that destroyed Rome.

  11. Well actually when you think about it, he’s right, only not in the way he thinks he is. China doesn’t give a **** about Global Warming. They’re not burdening their industry with taxes and bureaucracy in a vain attempt to control it. So in short, yes, Global Warming is causing the US’s relative economic decline.

  12. Sorry, Nick anticipated me… I should have read comments before making one.

  13. But, but… it is all backed up by peer reviewed ‘science’ (sort of), edited by a fantastically credible expert:

    Global climate change, war, and population decline in recent human history

    David D. Zhang * , † , Peter Brecke ‡ , Harry F. Lee *, Yuan-Qing He § , and Jane Zhang ¶

    Edited by Paul R. Ehrlich, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, and approved October 23, 2007 (received for review April 4, 2007)


    Although scientists have warned of possible social perils resulting from climate change, the impacts of long-term climate change on social unrest and population collapse have not been quantitatively investigated. In this study, high-resolution paleo-climatic data have been used to explore at a macroscale the effects of climate change on the outbreak of war and population decline in the preindustrial era. We show that long-term fluctuations of war frequency and population changes followed the cycles of temperature change. Further analyses show that cooling impeded agricultural production, which brought about a series of serious social problems, including price inflation, then successively war outbreak, famine, and population decline successively. The findings suggest that worldwide and synchronistic war–peace, population, and price cycles in recent centuries have been driven mainly by long-term climate change. The findings also imply that social mechanisms that might mitigate the impact of climate change were not significantly effective during the study period. Climate change may thus have played a more important role and imposed a wider ranging effect on human civilization than has so far been suggested. Findings of this research may lend an additional dimension to the classic concepts of Malthusianism and Darwinism.”

    • Ehrlich’s got his name on this one.

      It doesn’t take a genius to figure out where the rest of the article’s going. Especially the “added dimensions” to Malthusianism and Darwinism.

      Ehrlich is bound and determined to see some kind of population apocalypse happen just so he can be right and the rest of us wrong. However many there are left to be wrong.

  14. There seems to be a repeated typo in this story.

    Shouldn’t “Oped News” actually be “Doped News”? Or maybe “Dupe News”?

  15. Yes, Green China:

    “The controversial project sparked complaints from downstream nations, and condemnation from environmental groups as well as human rights groups angry at the displacement of thousands of residents. In the wake of the project, the Chinese central government urged regional authorities to conduct extensive reviews into the potential impact of any future hydroelectric projects before proceeding…

    China has a goal of increasing the share of non-fossil fuels in its total energy mix to 15 per cent by 2020, and wants to build additional 140GW of hydropower capacity in the next five years to help meet the target.”

  16. I wonder why there are so many Greenies praising the China story these days? In related news, what exactly is a Chinese NGO? Isn’t that an oxymoron?

    Chinese, US NGOs in joint campaign
    By Dong Wei and Li Xing (China Daily)
    Updated: 2010-12-11 09:54

    “CANCUN, Mexico – More than 30 Chinese and US nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) have announced a cooperative agreement to tackle climate change.

    The groups also collected a fast-start fund during the announcement on Thursday, one day before the Cancun talks are due to close, placing US dollar, 10 peso or even 20 yuan bills into a large plastic water bottle in front of the main conference building where climate change negotiations are taking place.”

    China’s top negotiator meets with representatives of int’l NGOs
    Updated: 2010-12-10 10:47

  17. “At the very least, they are trying to do something about it.”

    Here’s what they say they are going to do:

    China to transform pattern of growth
    Updated: 2010-12-10 10:27

    “CANCUN, Mexico – China will stay the course of sustainable, low-carbon and green development and will never repeat developed countries’ old path of high energy consumption and unlimited emissions, China’s climate chief negotiator said Wednesday…

    The Chinese government last year announced its mitigation actions, aiming at reducing carbon dioxide emissions per unit of gross domestic product by 40 to 45 percent from 2005 levels by 2020.

    “Achieving these targets will require tremendous long-term efforts,” Xie said. “China will adopt comprehensive policies to slow down the speed of emission growth, and strive to reach emission peak as soon as possible.” ”

    That’s the plan. By 2020, reduce CO2 intensity per GDP unit by almost half (presumably while growing total GDP at about at 10% annually) to “slow the speed of emission growth.” But that “slow” growth is still a ‘hockey stick’ because of their booming economy and their reliance on ever growing numbers of coal-fired plants.

    “Domestic [China] electricity production… Installed capacity had grown by the end of 2009 to 874 GWe, up 10.2% on the previous year’s 793 GWe, which was 11% above the previous year’s 713 GWe. Capacity growth is expected to slow, reaching about 1600 GWe in 2020. At the end of 2007, there was reported to be 145 GWe of hydro capacity, 554 GWe fossil fuel, 9 GWe nuclear and 4 GWe wind, total 713 GWe. In 2008, the country added 20.1 GWe of hydro capacity, 65.8 GWe coal-fired capacity, and 4.7 GWe wind.”

    All greenwashing aside, I do like the real Chinese strategy of developing all available energy sources, which seems like the wise thing to do.

  18. O/T NYT blog suggests to meddle with the food market in the US in interesting ways; i like especially “subsidize home cooking”. I wonder how that shall work – government spys sniffing out the flavor of cooking, and doling out cash?
    Oh i see – ” cooking assistance for those unable to cook for themselves”. Hello, i’m unable to cook, please send me a cooking assistant.

  19. Brent Hargreaves

    Real Climate links to a paper entitled “2500 Years of European Climate Variability and Human Susceptibility” written by twelve (count them: twelve!) swiss researchers. They claim that “Climate variations have influenced… conflict level of preindustrial societies.”

    Clever stuff. How do they establish such a causal link many centuries ago in the dim and distant past? Even today – with more info than you could shake a stick at – you’d have difficulty proving the origin of “conflict levels” to the exclusion of all others. Will future experts declare that the Cairo insurrection was a direct result of Michael Jackson’s demise exactly 587 days before?

    The paper in Science Magazine (Science? Pah!) is written by Buentgen et al. What I want to know is: who’s Al?

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  21. Hey HTL, long time no new posts. I trust you haven’t been submerged by rising sea levels.

  22. Yes, we’re missing you. I hope the red army hasn’t got to you.

  23. Nothing to worry about people, comments are being moderated so someone is home…

  24. Is there still life at HTL? Anybody there? 😉

  25. Hi HTL, are you coming back online with new posts or has HTL sadly gone for good?

  26. Hello – is anybody there………………………..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. “Fall of American Empire to China”

    “China’s Money-Printing Addiction Could Spell Disaster”

    The implications are pointing towards a Boom Bust Gloom type of cycle. China is one food staple event away from the masses realizing that the dream has passed them by. The cost of food is going to severely impact the cost of migrant workers ability to survive. Step increases in wages will be necessary sooner rather than later.”

  28. Nice to see you’ve stopped posting. Fit of sanity?

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