Global Warming Causes . . . Basmati Rice to Lose Fragrance.

In the never-ending quest to find more research grants effects of global warming, climate scientists in India have said that basmati rice may not be as fragrant as it once was, thanks to global warming, the Times of India reports:

H Pathak, principal investigator of Indian Agricultural Research Institute’s Climate Change Challenge Programme, told TOI the Tarawari basmati grown in research fields in Delhi did not grow long enough and wasn’t as fragrant as it should have been when cooked.

He said global warming may be to blame for the disappointing basmati produced in the 2006-2007 experiment. Temperatures that year crossed 26 degree Celsius in September when the basmati flowers and, 15 to 20 days later, when the grain begins to fill out, because of which a shrivelling of the grain was seen.

Times of India. Global Warming May Rob Basmati of its Fragrance.

Apparently the less than one degree rise in temperature over a century has so affected the rice, according to this research, that fatty acids which give it its distinctive fragrance have been destroyed.

However, the results obtained in the fields of the IARI climate research centre in Delhi have not been found by other scientists elsewhere:

But Dalel Singh, who heads Haryana Agricultural University’s Rice Research Station at Kaul, says his scientists have not observed the phenomenon seen at IARI, at least in harvests from 2007.

Times of India. Global Warming May Rob Basmati of its Fragrance.

What a surprise – a claim over the effects of global warming is seen at a climate science research centre, but not elsewhere. Who’d have thought it?




9 responses to “Global Warming Causes . . . Basmati Rice to Lose Fragrance.

  1. How did basmati rice ever evolve if it is so sensitive to temperature? A few million rupees in grants should enable “top scientists” to answer the question by the time they retire. ☺

  2. Utter bollocks!

  3. Global Warming seems to cause extreme nuttiness in scientists.


  4. Can’t you see. Global Climate Collapse is now so strong that it plays havoc with the reseachers; causing different effects at different times and places! Basmati losing flavor here but not there; inexplicable to normal science! Only post-normal science can help now! /sarc

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  6. So, how long is the scientific record of evidence of the strength of basmati rice fragrance?

    Subsidiary question: Does your stomach care about the fragrance?

  7. may i asked you a question? and can you post it here in your website so that when i have free time i can visit your website again.. am does global warming happened before? i mean happened long long time ago? i’m very curios about that.. im.. joining a contest. an environmental contest.. i hope i can get my answer here.. tnx..

    • Has the globe warmed before? Sure. All indicators are that it has been considerably warmer. The argument is whether the globe is currently warming, and if so if mankind is contributing to it, and if so to what degree. And then (just to make it really complicated) whether or not this will have catastrophic repercussions.

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