UN Sec. Gen. – Capitalism is “Environmental Suicide” Says “We Need a Revolution”

UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon has launched an astonishing attack on the current economic system of Western-style capitalsim, saying that it was dangerous and outdated in the light of global warming, and calling for a new economic paradigm.

Recent reports have noted that Ban-Ki Moon has said he will take a hands-off approach to global warming, and many have interpreted this to mean that he will leave it to the scientists and national Governments to decide.

But his latest comments, reported in The Guardian, make it clear that instead Ban-Ki Moon is switching from a narrow focus on global warming to a much wider spectrum attack on the current Western style of capitalism generally, on the grounds that it is not environmentally sustainable. The Guardian reports:

The world’s current economic model is an environmental “global suicide pact” that will result in disaster if it isn’t reformed, Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, warned today.

Ban said that political and business leaders need to embrace economic innovation in order to save the planet.

“We need a revolution,” he told a panel at the World Economic Forum inDavos, Switzerland, on how best to make the global economy sustainable. “Climate change is also showing us that the old model is more than obsolete.”

He called the current economic model a recipe for “national disaster” and said: “We are running out of time. Time to tackle climate change, time to ensure sustainable … growth.” The Guardian revealed yesterday that Ban is ending his hands-on efforts to reach a global climate deal through UN negotiations, and move to focus on a broader sustainability agenda.

Guardian. Ban-Ki Moon: World’s Economic Model is ‘Environmental Suicide

The Indonesian President condemned suggestions that his nation and other under-developed countries should stop developing and stay where they are to help protect the environment. Bill Gates, a father of three children, defended this, and suggested that limiting the number of children would be a better way to limit carbon emissions:

This view was partly shared by Gates, who said that “you cannot have a just world by telling people to use less energy than the average European”. One way to cap the world’s consumption and carbon emissions would be to invest in family planning said Gates, who has invested much of his fortune in health projects in the developing world.

The panel at which Ban-Ki Moon made his attack on capitalism was chaired by Thomas Friedman of the New York Times who said he hoped that by next year he would start to see some action on what was being discussed.

31 responses to “UN Sec. Gen. – Capitalism is “Environmental Suicide” Says “We Need a Revolution”

  1. Watermelons of the World Unite!

  2. The capitalists will happily snap up all subsidies Ban throws at them, and thrive.

  3. Is there any chance that Davos, once we are sure all the attendees are inside, couldbe sealed off for a while – about 100 years should do it – to make the world a safer place?

    It may be too late for this year but how about next?

  4. Even UN internal Oversight Services reported in July 2010 that “the secretariat is drifting … into irrelevance”. However it might be better to have a charlatan like Ban-Ki Moon than another Sec-Gen who actually realises that agenda 21 will only ever be implemented by stealth.

  5. A few points:

    Ban-Ki Moon is a career diplomat. He went straight into the diplomatic service so I can understand his lack of understanding of capitalism – the system that generates the wealth to pay him his hansom salary and keeps his son in good employement in the capitalist capital of the world – New York.

    His son, Woo-hyun (born 1974) received an MBA from Anderson School of Management at University of California, Los Angeles and currently works for a Middle East branch of a New York-based financial company.

    UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon, has one son and two daughters which has helped to lower the world’s population and pressure on the world’s resources.
    If these Warmists think for one minute that the already impoverished people of the Third World are going to deliberately impoverish themselves further by trying to lower a harmless trace gas then they are deluding themselves. After Kyoto what happened to co2 levels? After Cancun? Some say that global mean temps are set to fall this year. Some say they are set to continue for many years to come.

    • Spot on. Why should the poor of this world stay undeveloped just to satisfy some Liberal wet-dream of what would be “green” and sustainable? If they like that kind of thing so much, then go swap with them.

  6. To avoid “Environmental Suicide” we must commit “Economic Suicide”. If people of the Third World are forced to lower their co2 output they will cut down the tropical forests. Have you ever eaten raw chicken? Unintended consequences will occur. Remember Indonesia and bio-fuels. They proceeded to deforest and plant ozone producing palms. I would laugh if this was not so serious. Even Al Gore now thinks bio-fuels aren’t such a good idea.

  7. Since Capitalism is so bad I am sure Ban Ki Looney-Tunes will no longer accept money from the evil capitalist nations to pay the UN’s bills.

    He will demand that from now on, the UN will only accept money from the eco-friendly socialist nations of the world.

  8. There has surely got to be an element of bullshitting to this kind of comment from ‘leaders’. One upmanship on an international stage if you like.(like the competition at AGW jamborees to see who can announce the most ridiculous CO2 cut target) They keep saying what they think will get them attention, plaudits and secure their influence.

    It is nothing more (imo) then a shameless attempt to second guess the direction things are trending so they can pretend they had some divine foresight if it goes in that direction. Just as another harsh winter has caused experts to revise their AGW predictions to ‘it’s going to get colder in the UK’. Like the Met Office, all they say is everything eventually so that at any point in the future they can pick out the sentence that fits best with how things turned out.

    Except it is very dangerous. These people aren’t just people, their words don’t just sit on a page or teleprompter screen. They are leaders. Their words carry a great deal of weight. They *must* be more careful with what they say. Economies are being undermined because of the comments people like Ban Ki Moon come out with.

  9. “….business leaders need to embrace economic innovation in order to save the planet.”

    Business leaders need to embrace economic innovation in order to save their businesses, more to the point. Just like mills powered by water wheels had to concede to mills run by steam power.

    And who stifles economic innovation? The Left/Green nexus, by distorting free markets with politically driven subsidies and penalties, plus discouraging true innovation with a whole raft of environmental restrictions.

    Everything they do ‘for the best’ always turns out for the worst.

  10. I am equally certain that Mr Moon will be shortly cashing up all his stocks and shares held internationally and be giving the resulting millions to oxfam ( their directors need to be paid after all).

    It is principle we’re talking about here surely?

  11. You have to laugh. When Monkton exposes the UN agenda he apparently needs a tin foil hat but when the UN secretary general confirms the agenda…

    Of course unless the General Secretary knows of a new substitute for Capitalism that he is keeping under wraps for the moment then what he is talking about is global Communism.

    Anybody still think that the (UN) IPCC is a scientific panel? That plans for a global “carbon” tax are about saving the Planet?

    If there is one thing worse than a One World Communist though it is nodding dogs like Gates. Bill, when the Secretary gets his revolution there will be a special place for you and all your friends…

  12. —————–
    The panel at which Ban-Ki Moon made his attack on capitalism was chaired by Thomas Friedman of the New York Times who said he hoped that by next year he would start to see some action on what was being discussed.
    Now, what kind of action would that be? I did not know Friedman shared ideas like this??

    • I doubt Friedman even had an idea what he meant. Personally, I think the man is an intellectual midget who has somehow won the lottery by having his inane and superficial ideas taken seriously by a major newspaper.

      • Well if Freidman’s thought bubble at Davos is in line with some of his earlier ‘expressed preferences’ – his idea of ‘action’ probably involves green shirts instead of brown shirts, but the same outcome of doors smashed down in the middle of the night and dissenters ( sceptics ) dragged away:

        “Thomas Friedman, who pointed out (twice in recent months) that despotism can be advantageous if “enlightened” tyrants (in this case, environmentalists) would run the show.

        “One-party autocracy certainly has its drawbacks,” according to Friedman. “But when it is led by a reasonably enlightened group of people, as China is today, it can also have great advantages.”


  13. If not for capitalism the UN wouldn’t even exist. Pull out of the UN NOW!

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  15. So … we read that UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon has launched an astonishing attack on the current economic system of Western-style capitalsim, saying that it was dangerous and outdated in the light of global warming, and calling for a new economic paradigm.

    Well, finally … the truth is revealed by non other than UN Secretary General, Ban-Ki Moon, himself, about the true agenda of the UN’s IPCC. The agenda is to deindustrialize … to abandon capitalism … adopt world government … all because of a miniscule but expected half a degree centigrade rise in average global temperature during the last 100 years, and a bizarre and unproven notion that CO2 from burning fossil fuels is causing catastrophic man made global warming. Jesus … you could not make up this sort of stuff!

    Well, I think we should be calling for Ban-Ki Moon’s resignation and the immediate closure of the IPCC. These mad men are a danger to western society! We need leaders with optimism not pessimism. More importantly, we need honest leaders … not a gallery of rogues who have become the new snake-oil salesmen trying to sell to the the world a false man-made global warming theory!

  16. Yeah, and communism thrived. The UN has become a bankrupt organization, both monetary and ideas. The Sec. Gen. must go with Pachauri the IPCC chairman.

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  18. @Mervyn Sullivan – “all because of a miniscule but expected half a degree centigrade rise in average global temperature”

    I disagree… that’s what they want people to believe is their motivation, that they have some sort of deep concern for ‘the planet’, that they are standing on moral highground. In reality they don’t actually believe CAGW nonsense anymore than the rest of us. The UN was founded as and remains a POLITICAL organization with the ultimate goal of all political organizations – to secure and increase their ability to dominate all other political organizations which are, from their perspective, the governments of every rich country they can intimidate, subvert, tax, extort, etc. etc. etc. I.E. they are nothing but a bunch of thugs.

    Maurice Strong, (thief and good friend of Al Gore), was a key player of the UN’s orginal “World Commission on Environment and Development” in 1983.

    His words back in 1972 in a BBC interview: “Isn’t the only hope for the planet that the industrialized civilizations collapse? Isn’t it our responsiblity to bring that about?”

    So what Moon is saying is hardly anything new out of the mouths of these elite eco-commie thugs. ANY steps to reduce the output of the free world will help increase the power of the dictators of communist countries – the same people in control of the UN.

  19. Now Ban Ki-Moon emits big word, “revolution” but without a blueprint of
    anything. He is only equipped with a pack of slogans of communist tabloid papers inherited from his master, the late Roh Moon Hyun, shamelssly acted as Kim Jong Il’ pet.

  20. This totally misrepresents what Ban-Ki Moon said. Click on the Guardian link and read for yourselves.

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