CDC Funding Fictional Warming Propaganda On TV

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, an American government agency, is funding attempts to persuade people of global warming through fictional TV shows.

Climate Pravda reports that a organization called Hollywood Health and Society (HHS) which is funded by the CDC “and several other government sources” as well as the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will work with writers to introduce ideas into TV shows and movies to help push the line that global warming is man-made and catastrophic. It explains that this will not be acknowledged in the credits, as it will be entirely “behind the scenes”:

The folks at HHS do not produce or write TV shows or movies. They don’t appear in the credits. They don’t do public advocacy or political lobbying. They work almost entirely behind the scenes, directly with writers, who come to them to make sure the health issues portrayed in their stories are accurate, or to get ideas for compelling stories based on real health problems. How to Get the Boob Tube to Tell the Truth on Climate Change.

Just to be absolutely clear on what the CDC and other government bodies are funding here through HHS: this isn’t documentary or factual television we’re talking about, but inserting references to global warming into fictional TV shows and movies.

The program will be run by HHS’s Sandra de Castro Buffington, formerly Vice President of the Centre for Development and Population Activities (CEDPA). CEDPA is funded mainly by the US goverment (more than six millions dollars per year) and currently fails key standards for charity accountability, according to the BBB.

In the interview Ms Buffington addresses the problem of inaccurate information being given about global warming and says that HHS will work with script writers so that “they’ll eventually get it right”.  Ms Buffington believes there are many urgent global warming issues for the writers to get their teeth into:

That’s what writers are looking for — the human element. There are whole countries that are sinking. There’s a head of state traveling the world looking for a place to move his country. There are incredible health consequences as a result of global warming. Those are some of the things we can focus on because they impact individuals and communities. How to Get the Boob Tube to Tell the Truth on Climate Change.

Andy Revkin at the New York Times has some interesting discussion about this going on in the comments section – well worth reading for POV from several people, including Gavin Schmidtt. First up is Michael Zimmerman from the University of Colorado who points out the contentious nature of Ms Buffington’s “whole countries are sinking” claim.

Fictional global warming TV – your tax dollars at work. Enjoy!

13 responses to “CDC Funding Fictional Warming Propaganda On TV

  1. Outstanding. I may not be able to sue HHS, or the CDC, but I can certainly sue CBS, NBC, ABC, TNT or anyone who “causes severe psychological distress” to my children with their fiction.
    Yeah, all those lawyers looking to sue over AGW…I don’t think this is what they had in mind.

  2. “There are whole countries that are sinking. ” – Sandra de Castro “Buffie” Buffington

    The Maldives aren’t sinking. That myth was put to bed some time ago.

  3. Even the smear of skeptic scientists made it into a fiction book in 2009, The Sign by Raymond Khoury ( ), pg 77: Her investigative claws sharpened when she looked into the Global Climate Coalition, the Information Council of the Environment, and the Greening Earth Society—all of them cleverly misnamed, created and funded by the automotive, petroleum, and coal industries with the sole purpose of deceiving the public by spreading disinformation and callously repositioning global warming as theory rather than fact. It didn’t take long for her to become more and more convinced that the planet was indeed in trouble because of us….

    The “reposition global warming” phrase not just some generic thing, it is the central point of my article “How an Enviro-Advocacy Group Propped Up Global Warming in the MSM” When the real-life people promulgating the phrase callously fail to show the complete context of the memo containing the phrase for 15+ years, we have to wonder who is actually spreading disinformation.

  4. Well, of course. I assume they will create a drama depicting the sad life of those herpes-ridden oysters you posted about HTL. That must have tragic consequences on their relationships and self-esteem. And I’m not sure how an oyster would scratch an itch.

  5. Grist is salivating, this tells me that the idea will backfire. Make some dull shows even duller by inserting ratings killers like AGW into the plot, and letting the script writers get ideas from a shadowy propaganda organisation. Great idea. I thought Roland Emmerich already exploited it for all its worth.

  6. Anyway I think that I may have already seen this on “Law & Order.” Didn’t the cops bring in a “perp” and in the process of the perp being brow beaten by the Oh so tough female detective didn’t the cowering perp reveal his “denialist” thoughts at which point the lady detective said, You’re under arrest, denier… Murder 1!

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  9. Of course, in Britain, we don’t need a shadowy organisation to insert clunking propagandist references to “global warming” into turgid dramas. We have the BBC to do that.

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