Grist Asks: Is Communist Dictatorship the Way to Go?

Alarmist website, has criticized American democracy for it’s inability to enact legislation on global warming, and asks if the Chinese are better placed in the 21st century because of what it calls their “quasi-dictatorship”.

Citing a BBC news story, the article comments that China’s Communist rulers were able to shut down an electricity power station during the recent bitterly cold winter, something that free democracies were good at preventing.

Noting that the democratic process is often lengthy and involves compromising, the article asked if Communist dictatorships like China’s might be better for lowering carbon emissions:

Is a nation ruled somewhat autocratically by engineers and scientists better equipped to confront the 21st century than a nation that has always been suspicious of intellectuals, a nation increasingly ruled by the checkbooks of lobbyists and the entrenched industries they represent? It would be horrible, if it were true, and this is the unconquerable nut of the problem the U.S. now faces: if we can’t get it together to transition to a sustainable resource base, what hope is there for the co-occurrence of both democracy and lasting material civilization?

Grist. Is China’s Quasi-Dictatorship Better Prepared for the 21st Century Than Our Mess of a Democracy?

I like the qualifying tone of the article: “Quasi-dictatorship” which is ruled “somewhat” autocratically.

In other words, it’s only a “bit” of an authoritarian dictatorship then?

Some warmists believe that advertising can help reduce our carbon footprint


In another article sure to stir controversy, the website notes the recent discussion amongst warmists over whether Genghis Khan was the greenest mass-slaughterer in history.

Grist argues that the Great Khan was not that green, commenting that:

But this notion that Genghis was green in any way is really off base. If there was anything he liked more than slaughtering entire cities, it was fathering children.

Grist. Genghis Khan – Not That Green After All.

So what are they saying, that “Slaughtering entire cities” is Green, but “Fathering Children” is not?

21 responses to “Grist Asks: Is Communist Dictatorship the Way to Go?

  1. Sure we really want to emulate Chinese and Russian communisim with their horrendous levels of industrial polution?

  2. So what are they saying, that “Slaughtering entire cities” is Green, but “Fathering Children” is not?

    Gee, I wonder what they would think of this guy.

    (Sorry, I never could resist fish in a barrel.)

  3. What if the aliens are vegetarian, wont they eat the greens first?

  4. “Is a nation ruled somewhat autocratically by engineers and scientists better equipped to confront the 21st century than a nation that has always been suspicious of intellectuals…”

    Where do they get the idea we are a nation suspicious of intellectuals? We were founded by intellectuals. What they mean to say is that we are a nation suspicious of snake oil salesmen, they would just prefer we call them intellectuals.

  5. The outlandish, fascist (not communist), people-hating warmist extremes will or are self-destructing. The more the MSM reports such things, the less the public will listen to the CAGW creed.

    All millenial beliefs ultimately collapse. All messiahs eventually become Jim Jones. Throughout history those who espoused end-of-the-world scenarios became self-proclaimed saviours of mankind or their sects who failed to deliver the apocalyse on time. In ancient and modern times they tried to take the faithful with them (better dead than red, remember?): the Hansens are already beginning to eat their young. In old times the populace would run them out of town, if not worse. Today the people will package them out with a multi-million dollar severance. Erhlich didn’t get rich, but he did largely go away. So will the warmist leaders.

    Unfortunately it will take a while yet.

  6. I’m sure Grist does not consider a bullet to the back of the head to be in any way anti-intellectual.

  7. Eco-socialism and eco-eugenics are either mental disorders or the intentional actions of misanthropes who put the interests of termites ahead of people. Their objective is to “save the planet” by destroying humanity, capitalism, freedom, and prosperity.

    They do not acknowledge the conditions in which humanity existed prior to the industrial revolution. They do not acknowledge the failed predictions of generations of Malthusian hyperbole.

    They will not stop. Facts do not matter. Human suffering caused by their policies does not matter. The clear conclusions a sane person can draw from the concept of the environmental Kuznets curve does not matter.

    These people are not to be compromised with, negotiated with, reached consensed with, or bargained with. They are to be defeated. There is no other option, unless you are prepared to undo 150 years of improvement to the living conditions of humanity.

  8. leftists like democracy only as long as they can win elections. The instant they start to lose, they hate it.

    Scratch a leftist and you’ll always find a National Socialist under the surface.

  9. Don’t the fools at realize that they and their alarmist bretheran (regardless of how intellectual they may be) would be among the first thrown overboard in a communist regime?

    (hmmmm. but I guess that action would reduce the population and the CO2……..)

  10. There seems to be some apects of the Chinese “green” image that the lefties accept, which may not be true.

    China is ruled by Engineers and Scientists? Mao ZeDong and Deng Xiaoping, who are considered the creators of communist China, were not scientists or engineers. I guess they could be considered intellectuals in that they studied revolutionary Marxism. They were basically ruthless thugs particularly Mao.

    China is green? China is in no way “green”. China is still well behind the USA in terms of emission controls. I’ve been there, and worked there. China’s environmental, Energy, and even China’s occupational safety policies are less than those of the USA. China is not even particularly innovative (at least at this stage). Their function mostly on hand me down equipment & technology out sourced from the west.China’s at present main asset is the fact that their labor is so incredibly cheap. I do expect China to begin to assert themselves from the stand point technological innovation, but it hasn’t happened yet.

    I actually don’t get how the lefties get the idea that China is any kind of “green” implementation leader beside the left’s usual knee-jerk assumption that anything foreign is better than anything in the USA.

  11. According to NPR in this 2007 article, China will build 500 coal-electricity plants in the following decade – almost one per week. Grist apparently does no research, but believes China’s PR announcements and is duped by their stunts. China’s rapid economic growth will be powered by coal.

  12. I’m sure they like the Chinese penal system as well.

    So we can play the leftists who protest Gitmo against the leftists who want more of them.

  13. Interesting all this. It flies in the face of all history and sober analysis of course. Mao’s Great Leap Forward killed an estimated 35 to 77 million people, mostly not by design but through incredible blunders. Nobel-prize-winning economist Amartya Sen has argued convincingly that democratic societies are the best equipped to deal with challenges and disasters such as famines, and autocratic ones actually cause or exacerbate them.

    Why on earth we should resort to autocracy to “solve” anything is beyond me. But then again, 77 million fewer Chinese is a very “green” outcome to the lunatic neo-Malthusians.

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  15. Golden rule of PR.
    Never ask a question if you think the answer will be NO!
    Grist is not, as a collective, unintelligent or uneducated.
    Grist says that Communist Dictatorship IS the way to go.
    Climate-sceptic sites get short thrift from PRC censors. Does Grist?

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  17. anon | January 27, 2011 at 3:46 pm | Reply I’m sure Grist does not consider a bullet to the back of the head to be in any way anti-intellectual.
    When that day comes, just say “I’m an intellectual” and they’ll buy it like they have already from the Hansen’s and Romm’s etc…….

    I mean really, isn’t China the biggest producer of CO2??????????

    And they deserve accolades? I guess “hypocracy” is a new virtue.

  18. Wait….Correction:
    The article is saying we need to change from Democracy to Hypocracy….which is a new form of government.

    Pay no attention to the truth…..or to the man behind the curtain for that matter.

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