Poll Shows Vast Majority of Australians Couldn’t Give a XXXX About Global Warming.

A poll of Australians on issues they would consider at a Federal election has some bad news for the alarmists – some very bad news: nobody cares.

According to the survey, only 3% of the electorate rate “Addressing climate change” as their prime voting concern. A further 3% put it into second place, and a whopping 4% rated it as a tertiary concern (third place).

The response to “Controlling population growth” was similarly uninterested, with only 2% rating that as a primary issue. Ensuring supply of water scored 1%, perhaps unsurprisingly.

By comparison, economic management scored 37% as a primary issue. It’s a good job that alarmists don’t care about democracy and the votes of the electorate, judging by this survey.

Read the results of the survey here.

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