Survey: Young People Aren’t Concerned About Global Warming.

As the Daily Express newspaper observes, the alarmists are failing utterly to get more than a small section of alienated and morose youngsters to join their climate jihad. Most normal young people simply don’t care:

YOUNG people worry about money, street violence and their body image. But they don’t care much about climate change, according to a survey out yesterday.

Perhaps predictably, the fees came out as the most important issue among the 3,000 questioned. But the survey, commissioned by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, revealed young people were least concerned about climate change.

Daily Express. Climate Change? The Young Don’t Care.

The survey revealed that a measly 12% of youngsters felt they had been “adversely affected” by global warming, in what amounts to a damning indictment of the failure of the massive government-backed propaganda machine which has been spinning this issue 24-7 for years now.

Rather than spending their youth in a nail-biting depression over their immanent doom, it seems young people are choosing to enjoy their lives. Good for them. As I’ve argued elsewhere, if global warming is such a huge threat to humanity, why aren’t the greens demanding that we build hundreds of nuclear power stations right now to really bring down Co2 emissions? Could it be that it’s because this is about politics, and not science?



4 responses to “Survey: Young People Aren’t Concerned About Global Warming.

  1. Could it be that it’s because this is about politics, and not science?

    Now we are on the same waveleanth.

    What do you think public opinion polls will look like in 10 years time IF we enter a global cooling period? These idots are panicking as the ship goes down with their 10 years of flat temps???

    • Hi Jimbo,

      I think Richard Lindzen put it best when he said that future generations will look back and wonder that the world was whipped into a panic over a rise in temperature of less than one degree over a century.

      The thing with this sort of situation, as history shows, is that everyone is always really wise, and really brave in condemning the chicanery and scaremongering AFTER the panic and hysteria have died down. Take any pseduo-scientific scare – the “yellow menace” or whatever you like – and there are plenty of people who will call it out after the event.

      Look at Malcom Caldwell of The Guardian newspaper. He reported on the atrocities and genocide of Stalin’s tyranny for the newspaper – and what happened? Did they give him a pay-raise and congratulate him? No, they sacked him and got someone in who was willing to write about what a great country Uncle Joe’s Soviet Russia was. No one wanted to hear the truth.

      • Absolutely. If AGW is such a world-ending threat, why aren’t they out on the streets demanding nuclear power now?

        I think the answer comes from people like Amory Lovins, Paul Ehrlich and Joathon Porritt who all despise the very idea of nuclear power simply for the fact that it has the potential to supply cheap, plentiful energy for the world.

        Ehrlich is on record as saying this would be a disaster, as did Lovins. Porritt reckons that cheap, plentiful energy via a national grid for Africa and Asia would be “the end of the world”.

  2. The kids are alright.

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