NASA’s New Vision for the 21st Century: Tiny Homes for Everyone.

How have the mighty fallen? NASA, the agency that, decades ago, put a man on the moon, has now revealed its vision for the 21st century: we should all consider living in tiny houses to help fight global warming.

Climatequotes, via Climate Depot, have the story on how NASA has set up a propaganda website to get ’em whilst they’re young, and convince kindergarten kids that they’re essentially done for because of global warming, unless they can persuade their parents to go green.

Also on NASA’s “Climate Kids” website is a page called “Who is Helping? People Who Live in Tiny Homes”. This utterly bizarre page details how micro-homes are the wave of the future as part of the battle against carbon emissions:

Some kids are lucky enough to have a playhouse or a tree house. Wouldn’t it be fun to live in your own “luxury” playhouse—a beautiful, tiny house, with everything?

Some people are making this childhood dream come true. They are living in the tiniest possible houses. Some of these houses are less than 100 square feet—that’s a house just 10 wide and 10 feet long! They have a bed, a kitchen, a bathroom with shower, comfy chairs, a desk or table, and room to store clothes, shoes, books, CDs, and other stuff . . . but not too much other stuff

Maybe we should all think about down-sizing to a tiny house.

NASA – Climate Kids. Who is Helping? People Who Live in Tiny Homes.

What the hell is this? Getting kids mentally prepared to move into a chicken coop when they’re eighteen?

Meanwhile, whilst James Hansen’s NASA tries to persuade the kids that living in a 100 square foot micro-apartment is the way to go, here’s how the global warming elite are living. As they say “by their deeds shall ye know them . . .”

Al Gore –     

James Cameron –  

Tom Friedman – 

Dr James Martin – 


16 responses to “NASA’s New Vision for the 21st Century: Tiny Homes for Everyone.

  1. Tiny homes? Surely the Japanese can offer some guidance on that.

    Still, the idea that Gore’s mansion and land could become a city for quite a large number of people has some attraction ….

  2. As with all power structures through the entirety of human development, they will all fail but never believe they will do so with the end being regarded with….astonishment.

    It seems to be an ingrained weakness.

    The only way we are ever going to progress is through an evolution of philosophy, not science.

    Probably too late to prevent the next stage from being gruesome.

    Then again, what do I know, I’m poor…?

  3. When a large part of your audience consists of students in bedsits, then telling them they are virtuous would seem to be a sensible strategy.

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  7. “Getting kids mentally prepared to move into a chicken coop when they’re eighteen?”

    They don’t expect kids to move out of the tiny parental home until they’re thirty and have their own child.

  8. After the Great Russian Revolution, per my recollection of Doctor Zhivago, the epic 20th century novel by Boris Pasternak, they actually did take over great houses of the filthy rich and famous and turn them into apartment buildings. It worked out well as I recall. Well… except for the problem of the heat (and today, the Air Conditioning of course), the cooking, the sleeping arrangements, the trash, the garbage, the lines for the toilet… ooooh yes, and the SMELL. Yes! I think we should go to smaller homes and take over the big ones for the common good of all the people. But of course the Russians had the advantage of Communism, something we don’t have, and something that I later heard went belly up and now, I believe, Russians are building vast estates and great mansions for the rich and famous too. I have a feeling we ought to forget about this idea. People are just toooooo tempermental about such things; especially the “smell” issue. Nope! On second thought, I doubt it would work. One of those “Been there, Done that” things.

    BUT… if we buried all these mansions we could sequester a lot of very expensive carbon dioxide. How about that?

  9. You forgot John Travolta who has a fleet of planes and a couple of runways AT HIS HOME! Maybe you could have add George “four rooms” Monbiot the arch hypocrite. As for James Cameron:

    “The camera then cuts to aerial footage of the three adjacent homes that Cameron inhabits in the hills of Malibu. Although they each have heated swimming pools, and together boast more than 24,000 sq ft of living space, the properties have not a single energy-saving solar panel or windmill between them. “He also owns a 100-acre ranch in Santa Barbara, a JetRanger helicopter, three Harleys, a Corvette, a Ducati, a Ford GT, a collection of dirt bikes, a yacht, a Humvee fire truck, and a fleet of submarines,” continues the narrator. “And yet he demands WE live with less? James Cameron: HYPOCRITE.””

    Perfect place for these set of links. It is all about Eco-hypocrits.



    George Monbiot on Green hypocrisy

  10. You forgot Al Gore’s other home – a new beachfront villa!!! Ill gotton gains from the global warming scare.

    Records show that the approximately 6,500 sq. foot home boasts 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, a large pool house, 6 fireplaces, wood framed french doors, and carved stone detailing throughout.


    • Thanks Jimbo – trust Al “rising sea levels” Gore to have a beachfront house!

    • And don’t forget Gore’s other property.

      Al Gore bought a $4M condo feet from ocean in Fisherman’s Wharf, San Fransisco, a city soon to be under water as he had explicitly warned about in An Inconvenient Truth.

      The St. Regis Hotel and Residences rises in “pacesetting, intelligent luxury” 40 or so stories above a low-lying plane south of San Francisco’s Market Street.

      A neighbor of Gore’s, claimed that Gore was installing a Japanese hot tub, in his new luxury penthouse.

  11. The “do as i say not as i do mentality” at its finest.

  12. You forgot Al Gore’s multi million $ sea-side condo over looking the San Fransisco bay.

  13. Real leaders lead by example… that is all.

  14. This is sheer envy politics….

    Surely this is a just reward for all their work in shepherding the masses from the path of doom.

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