Hansen Sent Up By Satirical Paper: “Wants to Clone Hitler to Save the Planet”.

Dr James Hansen of NASA GISS has been satirized by Spoof Times Online Newspaper, in an article mocking his calls for the Chinese communist regime to launch a trade war against his country and lead the world to “save humanity” from the barbarians of his ‘so-called democracy’.

The article from Spoof Times, reads:

WASHINGTON, Jan 18 (Spoof Times) – After a recent visit to Communist China, chief NASA climatologist James Hansen stated that the United States needs to be more of a dictatorship when it comes to making decisions on global warming. Frustrated by the “failure of democracy,” Hansen said that he wishes for:”a strong dictator in the United States to implement by decree whatever laws are necessary to reduce greenhouse gases.”

Amidst many rumors that have been circulating for weeks, Hansen finally announced publicly on Monday that he is currently working with a team of geneticists, who specialize in human cloning, to create a Twenty-first Century version of the infamous German dictator.

When confronted with the concern that some have that a Hitler 2.0 would run amuck and start behaving badly, as the original Hitler did, Hansen stated that:”We will make sure that, in the cloning process, we remove the genes that made him hate Jews and private bankers and replace them with ones that make him hate carbon and extremely warm temperatures, instead. This will give us the perfect dictator.”

Spoof Times. America’s Top Global Warming Scientist Wants to Clone Hitler to Save the Planet.

Personally, I would’ve thought that it was impossible to satirize Dr Hansen, as you could never be sure what he said and what was satire.

One response to “Hansen Sent Up By Satirical Paper: “Wants to Clone Hitler to Save the Planet”.

  1. Well may we laugh at the irony but, a google of the two words; hitler+environment, will yield a wealth of disturbing information for some…

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