You Couldn’t Make It Up: Sierra Club Sues California’s Green Gov to STOP Solar Power Plant

Like everything else, the eco-mentalists love the idea of renewable energy, as long as it’s situated next to poor people, not in their pristine back yard.

A Reuters news wire of 6th January 2011 reports that the Sierra Club is using its vast fortune to take California’s energy Commission to court over its decision to allow a new solar power plant to be built:

The suit, obtained by Reuters, charges that regulators failed to fully mitigate the project’s impact on rare plant and animal species, and asks the court to void approval and permits for the plant.

The lawsuit is the latest in a string of suits targeting planned solar plants, potentially setting back the development of solar energy and derailing state and federal commitments to lessening dependence on fossil fuels

Reuters. Sierra Club Sues over California Solar Plant

The irony is almost perfect, isn’t it? California, the uber-green state is being sued by the Sierra Club because it granted permission for a solar power plant. What is it these guys want anyway? (Hat tip: the always-excellent Notrickszone of Germany.)

As a further report from Reuters details, the biggest obstacle to solar power in California is not global warming sceptics, Republicans or big oil money-funded conspiracies, but environmental groups who are banding together to oppose building solar power plants:

Groups ranging from the Audubon Society to the Defenders of Wildlife to the Natural Resources Defense Council are also lobbing out objections against other projects.

About half of all plants in development now are having issues concerning plant and animal habitat, culture sites, or water demand, Hersey estimates. Many of those could end up in court. And just the threat of litigation seems likely to affect the scale of solar, analysts say. Developers could cut back the size of future proposed plants, and think more carefully about where they should go — and that’s the point, environmentalists counter.

Reuters. Special Report: With Solar Power, it’s Green Vs Green.

California’s uber-green government must be reeling. Here they are having done exactly what all the eco-mentalists have been demanding and what thanks and praise do they get from them? None. Instead, they get torrents of criticism and law suits that will cost the state (and therefore the taxpayer) millions of dollars. If it wasn’t so tragic you’d have to laugh.

The involvement of the big environmental groups follows on the heels of Democratic do-gooder Senator Diane Feinstein who did her bit for global warming hypocrisy by putting the kybosh on renewable energy installations in her back yard of the Mojave:

AMBOY, Calif. — Senator Dianne Feinstein introduced legislation in Congress on Monday to protect a million acres of the Mojave Desert in California by scuttling some 13 big solar plants and wind farms planned for the region.

New York Times. Desert Vistas Vs Solar Power

This is, of course, perfectly normal behaviour for the eco-mentalists, who demand more renewable energy, but react with horror when that solar or wind or tidal power might be built in their back yard. Global warming hypocrite, George “four-bedrooms” Monbiot regularly demands more renewable energy, but when the Welsh government announced plans for wind farm near his large farmhouse in rural Wales he launched a stinging offensive against the idea, saying the country was “saturated” with wind farms:

Welsh energy policy has been strongly criticised by leading environmental campaigner George Monbiot.

Monbiot said he was not singling out Wales, as the UK as a whole was behind in the fight against global warming.

But at the Hay Festival he urged an end to windfarms on land and said a Severn Barrage would cause too much damage.

BBC. Monbiot Attacks Welsh Energy Plan.

Green versus green – you really couldn’t make it up.


18 responses to “You Couldn’t Make It Up: Sierra Club Sues California’s Green Gov to STOP Solar Power Plant

  1. This is in fact good news. It buys time so that IF the globe cools such projects would most likely be mothballed. Just look at Queensland’s desalination plant. Mothballed due to overflowing dams and rivers.

  2. I would first like to congratulate you for your excellent new site. I tend to read more than comment, like many I’m sure, but am finding your coverage both educational and entertaining.

    As to the above article, I would echo Jimbo (as seen on WUWT – hello!), that this is good news. I find the fact that these people are fighting among themselves encouraging. The story about the FOI request from the BBC regarding the ‘secret’ MET forecast is another case in point.

    The disintegration of the movement seems slow but sure!

  3. From
    Global Warming Blamed For Fall of Roman Empire AND Medieval Plague

    England’s power rose and rose during the LIA? What about Scotland? The 1690s saw famine, reports of cannibalism and farming settlements being abandoned (The first Clearances – never attributed to weather, always the wicked English) . The Darien venture was a last desparate throw. Harvests couldn’t have been all that good in England either. What of significance did happen in England from 1650 to 1700? A lot of trouble mainly and no great rise in power. After 1707 it was called Britain and then the rise in power started. No marks. See me after prep.

    • And the LIA ended in 1850.

      Please up the dosage on the thorazine

      • There is no specific date for the end of the LIA. Please, enough with the ad hominem attacks. Argue from a scientific point of view. I make no insulting comments about you. Do not insult your commenters. You are doing this to others. Your blog will become a joke and people will start to goad you. You are becoming over sensitive to comments. Why 1850? The 17th century was cold. The 18th was relatively warm. The 19th was cold. The 20th was warm. I suspect I have been studying this subject for many more years than you have. Read HH Lamb’s book and learn.

  4. HtL

    First good laugh of the day. Thanks 😉

  5. I live in the desert southwest next door to California and listening to the radio on my way to work I heard a story of how Pacific Gas and Electric (PG & E) is planning on siting wind turbines in Mexico. Apparently California utilities must provide a full 30% of their power by some arbitrary date in the near future and there is just no way to do it with the environmental regulations currently in place in California.

    Part of the program featured and interview with a local Mexican citizen – he was happy with the prospect of jobs in the area and had gotten a $25 / month check from P G & E.

    What a pathetic situation.

    • Meant to say “30% of their power from renewable sources”

    • I’ll look that up – thanks for the heads-up on that.


    • And for those of us not anywhere near California – the US/Mexico border region looks like a warzone – with the drug cartel battles raging.

      Who would want to be the engineers and surveyors out scouting for potential windfarm sites in THAT situation ?

      Placing critical US infrastructure in Mexican border regions could get politically very messy – as the Mexican government struggles to hold the line against the narco-armies.

      Which at some point means the call would go out for the US military to be inserted to protect US personnel and assets.

      Shade of 1916 – Pancho Villa’s ghost rides again ( and that US expedition did not end particularly brilliantly, as I recall ).

      Things must be really bad for PG&E to contemplate such a risky plan.

  6. Sounds like Mexican wildlife is less important to the Sierra Club than US fauna and flora are.

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