Use of Word “Sustainable” Reaches Unsustainable Levels.

Remember all those stupid graphs where someone with an axe to grind against democracy, or people, or civilization, would point to a steep rise as irrefutable evidence that “this can’t go on” and “something must be done”?

Every thinking person knows that these charts are bogus, using questionable data and compressing axes like crazy to get the graph that they want. After doctoring the data and its presentation, these latter-day charlatans sell their message of fear to the gullible.

Well, now a economics blog has taken them on at their own game and produced their own graph showing the use of the word “sustainable” is reaching terrifying proportions and simply can’t go on:

Now there’s a trend that’s simply not sustainable – at least, let’s hope so.

Via TVHE NZ. Hat tip: Not PC.


One response to “Use of Word “Sustainable” Reaches Unsustainable Levels.

  1. A hockey-stick – Gasp!

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