Stiglitz Calls For Trade Sanctions in Climate Change Clamp-Down.

Former World Bank boss Joseph Stiglitz has called for international trade sanctions against those nations not toeing the line on global warming, saying that sanctions would form part of any future agreement.

He believes that any future agreement on carbon emissions must include the possibility of punitive sanctions on those nations refusing to comply.

Stiglitz, who had flown to Pretoria to address the Reserve Bank, also slammed those who refused to cut down their own carbon emissions:

“When it comes to themselves there are all kinds of special circumstances that they say justify why they should be allowed to continue their high level of emissions.”

Eyewitness News. Climate Change Clamp-Down Will Involve Trade Sanctions – Stiglitz.

You can just imagine Stiglitz flying around the world to tell people that they’re not exempt from carbon restrictions, can’t you? Like Al Gore zooming around the planet in limos and personal jets to lecture the little people on their carbon footprint.

We all have to cut back to make sure there’s enough left for them to gorge on.

5 responses to “Stiglitz Calls For Trade Sanctions in Climate Change Clamp-Down.

  1. ” Many coastal cities will have to move and that is an enormous cost,”

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Josef Stilgitz does not provide any.

    Alternatively they could invest in robust sea defences like wot the Netherlands did. Or have lots of places become ‘the new Venice’.

  2. Let’s send him to China first.

    If he can convince the Chinese to go along with his whacko ideas, then he has earned the moral authority to preach to the rest of the world.

  3. Lets have a trade embargo with any country that is part of the global warming scam.

  4. Stiglitz talks a lot these days. He’s also in favor of a gold-backed currency. Maybe he feels he’s going down the drain… a Lovelockian personality disorder?

  5. It’s worth reminding ourselves that many on the left oppose sanctions when they are imposed upon countries like Iraq and Zimbabwe. They allegedly lead to deaths particularly amongst children.

    Reduce CO2 OR the kid gets it.

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