Scientists Say Carbon Capture Plant Poisons Land, Kills Animals, Forces Evacuations.

It seems that nothing’s going right for the global warming crew these days.

In what is yet another embarrassment for global warming activists, it has emerged that a carbon capture plant in Canada is under investigation after studies confirmed that the Co2 which had poisoned a local farm, contaminating the water and killing animals, has the same isotope ‘signature’ as Co2 being stored underground at a local carbon capture installation.

The Globe and Mail reported:

Scientists are questioning the most damning evidence that a high-profile Saskatchewan carbon capture and storage project is leaking and dangerous.

Jane and Cameron Kerr, who own a farm near Weyburn, Sask., have cast doubt on the safety of a much-celebrated Canadian project to bury greenhouse gases after a series of bizarre incidents on their property that, they say, show those gases are escaping. After seeing accumulations of algae, unsightly sheens, strange bubbling and dead animals in and around a dug-out pond near their house, the Kerrs abandoned their property several years ago. Last summer, a consultant they hired confirmed that carbon dioxide from the Weyburn project was indeed bubbling up onto their land.

Globe and Mail.

Isn’t that just great? They’ve taken a harmless, natural substance that’s found everywhere, and managed to turn it into something that poisons land, contaminates water and kills wildlife – in the name of saving the earth.

You really can’t make this stuff up.



7 responses to “Scientists Say Carbon Capture Plant Poisons Land, Kills Animals, Forces Evacuations.

  1. Bet they’re glad it wasn’t that ‘methane’ stuff that was down there leaking. But really, other than a limited local impact for the ill, isn’t the rest of the Provence much greener around the leak site? Bet, too, the government will still sue them for that unauthorized dug-out pond near their house that no-doubt probably caused this horable terrible tragedy.

  2. Carbon dioxide has always been meant to go into the atmosphere. It’s a gas. It is for the plants to absorb and then produce oxygen. It it is equilibrium with water too in order to increase the boo-availability of carbonates so they can make shells.

    To put it underground goes against nature.

  3. It’s all coming apart at the seams. I encounter more and more people who pick up on some of the green absurdities every day. If those of us who see (some of) the truth on sites like this can spread the word the watermelons will be in the minority. We can beat them, we shall prevail.

  4. Anybody who keeps planted fish tanks and adds CO2 for increased plant growth knows that getting the levels wrong triggers algae. With failed carbon capture, we could find water ways choked with various forms of alga.

  5. Doesn’t this just prove how right the EPA were to class CO2 as a dangerous pollutant?
    In the topsy-turvy world of Post Normal Science the logic is unequivocal, the null hypothesis is invertible and it would be a travesty to think otherwise!

  6. Think about it this way. We lock up the bad guys to protect society. Right?
    Sometimes, some of the bad guys escape and cause mayhem. Agreed?
    Carbon Dioxide, is evil. We lock it up. It escapes and bad things happen!
    Should we stop putting criminals away because they might escape?

  7. Of course CO2 at normal concentrations is absolutely harmless. But concentrated, and being heavier than air, it can and will kill by reducing the amount of available oxygen.
    But “poisoning land”? Certainly not.

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