Huffington Post: The Whole Planet is on Fire.

Who said the warmists were all hyperbole and no science? Here’s the Huffington Post with the latest in depth analysis of the global warming situation:

If your house were on fire, what would you save? Where would you even start? What if not just your house, but your whole planet was on fire?

That is the scenario we face today. Climate change has arrived. No longer clouds gathering in the distance, the firestorm is here now–melting titanic glaciers, drying mighty rivers and setting deserts ablaze.

And don’t forget those cute little animals which are now in global warming A&E:

While many of us are aware that polar bears and Arctic seas are in crisis mode, few of us have heard about the other species and ecosystems arriving at the emergency room door because of climate change.

A Marshall Plan for Nature: How to Protect Endangered Species from Climate Change.



2 responses to “Huffington Post: The Whole Planet is on Fire.

  1. Obviosly the writer has not been keeping up with the climate news lately, sea level rise will take several thousand years to do much damage and the polar bears are not any where near critical, much less any of the other problems that she writes of. The planet sure as hell is not on fire, with about 1 degree C rise in a couple of hundred years is what they are worried about, all i have to say is GET A LIFE PLEASE. Haunt you sure can find some of the stupidist claptrap the warmist can figure up, keep up the good work.

  2. Where do these kinds of people think the money for that little shopping list is going to come from?

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