Environment Magazine: “Back When it Snowed”

Just a quick retrospective on the Environment Magazine’s global warming analysis.

From a few years ago, this poignant collection of reminiscences of winters past and snowy fun from global-warming aware readers of the Environment Magazine. As the mag puts it, “These stories are particularly poignant in light of the diminished winters ahead” –

Environment Magazine: “Back When it Snowed”

Even more worrying was the very extensive collection of testaments to the lack of snow in winter collected in their article Losing Winter: As Climate Change Takes Hold, Our Coldest Season is the first Casualty:

Nostalgia for snowy winters past and “the way it was” . . . will be a major growth industry, even as skiing, skating, snowmen-building and maple syrup-making gradually recede in our collective memory.

Losing Winter: As Climate Change Takes Hold, Our Coldest Season is the first Casualty

Of course, back then snow-free winters were “only the tip of the iceberg” as it was only going to get warmer and warmer in winter. But don’t worry, Environment Magazine has been in touch with the Ministry of Truth and has written a new story for you. Cold Question: It May Be Winter but Climate Change Hasn’t Gone Anywhere which explains that the biting cold and heavy snow are all part of global warming – it’s just weather, you see, not climate.

Strangely, given that it’s been particularly quiet in terms of hurricanes, tornadoes and other serious storms in the US recently, the article points to them as evidence of global warming:

In fact, instead of the cold, snowy winter, think of the number of catastrophic storms on the rise. Those are directly related to warmer atmospheric temperatures.

All of this rewriting and apologia for failed predictions reminds of a quote they should have at the head of their article:

“How can I help seeing what is in front of my eyes? Two and two are four.”

“Sometimes, Winston. Sometimes they are five. Sometimes they are three. Sometimes they are all of them at once. You must try harder. It is not easy to become sane


15 responses to “Environment Magazine: “Back When it Snowed”

  1. Great stuff. Is there any way to tell what the original publication dates were?

  2. “Losing Winter” was the cover story for the Jan/Feb. 2008 issue.

    “Back when it snowed” was a supplmentary sidebar – as was “SOS: Save Our Snow”

    Here’s the table of contents for that. Woohoo!

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  4. I check the waybackmachine for such details.

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  6. think of the number of catastrophic storms on the rise

    Isn’t hurricane and typhoon activity at a 30 year low?

    • See this:

      “However, the global total number of storm days shows no trend and only an unexpected large amplitude fluctuation driven by El Niño-Southern Oscillation and PDO. The rising temperature of about 0.5°C in the tropics so far has not yet affected the global tropical storm days.

      Climate Control of the Global Tropical Storm Days (1965–2008), Wang, B., Y. Yang, Q.-H. Ding, H. Murakami, and F. Huang, Geophysical Research Letters, April 6, 2010 (Vol. 37, L07704”

      Tropical cyclone activity at 33 year low
      Dr. Ryan N. Maue
      Florida State University

      All this in the hottest decade on the record.

  7. Robinson!!! Shhhhhh.

    Stop pointing out reality. It is far more fun to believe the propaganda.
    Gives people with not science knowledge something to talk about.

  8. manicbeancounter

    In the UK it would be to the public benefit if snow became a thing of the past. Ask any undertaking business about how overloaded they are in the cold spells. Or how the accident and emergency departments struggle to cope with the broken bones caused by falls on the ice. Even my children got fed up with the snow this winter after weeks of sub-zero temperatures.

    A major problem with the AGW majority is that they only look the evidence in favour and not the evidence against.

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  10. I think Winter has just found us again.
    We are not apparently very good at “How not to be seen.”

  11. I think youve made some actually interesting points. Not as well many people would basically think about this the way you just did. Im genuinely impressed that theres so much about this topic thats been uncovered and you did it so properly, with so a lot class. Great 1 you, man! Actually great stuff here.

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