Aussie Global Warming Advisor Reaches Dangerous Spin Levels

Will Steffen, the director of Australia Climate Change Institute, and an advisor on global warming to the Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, has reached dangerous spin levels in a recent newspaper interview. Please note in the quotes that follow that the numerous errors in grammar and spelling are from the original, not my own.

Dr Steffen has been a consistent cheerleader for the IPCC reports which insisted on drought for Australia, which they said would become an even drier and more water-stressed country. However, following the recent exceptionally heavy rainfall, Dr Steffen is now saying that global warming will lead to more rain, not less:

He told The Australian Online that climate change would lead to heavier, more frequent rain.

“As the climate warms, there is more water vapour in the atmosphere,” he told The Australian Online.

“This means that there is a probability that there will more intense rainfall events around the world.

There is some evidence that we can see them now. I think the place where the best data is the US. [sic]

Dr Steffen was unwilling to surrender a hostage to fortune by putting his reputation on the line and assigning this recent increase in rainfall to global warming.

He did, though, say that “we don’t know” if the recent floods were linked to global warming rather than just La Nina, and speculated that people would start asking questions!

“Is the La Nina that strong because of global warming, or is global warming exacerbating the effect of La Nina? Honestly, we don’t know. But just because we don’t now [sic] doesn’t mean it’s not happening.

“You’d have to be a brave person to say it [climate change] is not having some sort of effect,” he said.

“I can guarantee you in the next couple of years people will start looking back at this event and asking was it so unusually strong because of global warming.”

Don’t you just love that spin cycle? Just because we don’t know that it’s global warming, doesn’t mean it’s not happening. This from one of “Australia’s top climate change advisors” as the paper informs us.

What he can guarantee is that people are going to be looking at this and speculating about it pretty soon. Well, of course. We’ve come to expect nothing less. Meteor strike? Speculate about global warming. Earthquake? must be a global warming connection. Volcano? Obviously global warming.

It seems that the global warming movement has decided to go on the offensive and has entered another high spin cycle. But here’s what the IPCC were saying about the future of Australia’s weather.


7 responses to “Aussie Global Warming Advisor Reaches Dangerous Spin Levels

  1. I think the load is very unbalanced in this spin cycle because the washer is bouncing around so much that it is about to come unplugged!

  2. I made the point that simply by talking about global warming/climate change at the same time as natural disasters, they have implied a link.

    Queensland Floods: Alarmist-in-Chief’s Weasel Words.

    Best regards, and thanks for the excellent new blog!


  3. Al Gore has done the same thing. He blamed the Australian drought on global warming and now has done an about face and blames the recent floods on global warming. AGW is a two-way-bet, heads they win tails you lose. How many times must AGW be falsified for these dear people to let it go?

    Here are some more examples from the 2 headed monster with forked tongue:
    June 4, 1999
    “Warm Winters Result From Greenhouse Effect, Columbia Scientists Find, Using NASA Model”

    Nov. 17, 2010
    “Global Warming Could Cool Down Northern Temperatures in Winter”

    “…(CO2) in the atmosphere will slow the Earth’s rotation.”…/2001GL013672.shtml

    “Global warming will make Earth spin faster”

    “…much of the North Atlantic Ocean has become less salty…”

    “The surface waters of the North Atlantic are getting saltier,…”
    Avalanches may increase

    Avalanches may reduce;jsessionid=27gjw6f50jw2.alice
    “Declining Coral Calcification on the Great Barrier Reef”

    “Doom and Boom on a Resilient Reef”

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