New West End Play to Question Global Warming Orthodoxy

A new play in London’s famous West End is to question the scientific orthodoxy surrounding global warming, and take a sardonic look at the repression of free speech over global warming.

The play, The Heretic looks at the extent to which global warming is based more on politics than empirical science, and suggests that it is even becoming something of a religion. The blurb for the new play lays out the scenario:

The study of climate science is the cool degree at the university where Dr Diane Cassell is a lead academic in Earth Sciences.

At odds with the orthodoxy over the cause of man-made climate change, she finds herself increasingly vilified and is forced to ask if the issue is becoming political as well as personal. Could the belief in anthropogenic global warming be the most attractive religion of the 21st century? What evidence do we need before deciding what to believe?

The Heretic at the Royal Court Theatre, London.

Details of the play, and how to book can be found at the Royal Court Theatre’s website, and I urge anyone who lives in the London area to consider booking their tickets early for this show. It would be nice to think that the producers of this brave show got the sort of support that we’re always talking about. Details of how to book tickets HERE.

Looks like the dam of political correctness over global warming may be starting to finally break. If you live in the London area, fancy a great night out, and would like to also help break the dam, then book your tickets now.

Mitre tip: Bishop Hill.


4 responses to “New West End Play to Question Global Warming Orthodoxy

  1. I so want to believe that 2011 is the year when the Catastrophic Anthopogenic Global Warming consensus falls apart. Certainly if the next few years start getting cooler and Arctic sea ice extent shows recovery then the rats will start some serious wobbling and sceptics will start to get a little more respect rather than abuse.

    • I’d like to think so too, but history shows that rarely do things reach a climax like that. My money will be on an attempt to gradually redefine what “climate change” is from a dangerous over-heating of the world, to a deliberately vague and amorphous warning over desertification and biodiversity – both areas which are even less susceptible to empirical evidence than AGW.

  2. Interesting…

    The Royal Court describes itself as ‘dedicated to new work by innovative writers from the UK and around the world’

    Is climate scepticism suddenly to become trendy? Have we been thought leaders, kicking over the traces of the prevailing tired and deeply conservative orthodoxy all this time? Will we hear earnest discussions about the place of climate feedbacks as part of Front Row on Radio 4?

    Probably not. But very interesting nonetheless that a leading radical theatre should choose such a theme. And that a ‘radical’ playwright should have written about it.

  3. I’ve seen a lot of London theatre, and most of it describes itself as ‘challenging’ and ‘original’ and ‘daring’, whilst being the standard establishment, PC, multiculti obviousness and as challenging as having a go at Christianity. So that’s par for the course. Although this does seem genuinely challenging I’d reserve judgment until viewed (which I am booked to do next month).

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