Met Office January 2010: “winters to become increasingly warm”

Another story from the “You Can’t Make this Stuff Up” files.

Going back only one year – almost to the day – we find a news story from Reuters, quoting the Met Office on why cold, snowy winters like that of 09/10 would be an increasingly rare phenomenon:

The winter so far has been one of the coldest for nearly 30 years in Britain, but such icy weather was more common in centuries past and should become even rarer going forward.

“Winters like this are likely to become less of a feature as we head through the 21st century,” John Hammond, a meteorologist at the UK Met Office said on Tuesday.

“Colder winters become less likely because overall the background warming will reduce the severity of them, certainly for our part of the world.”

The Met Office expects Britain’s already relatively mild and damp, on average, winters to become increasingly warm and wet as a result of climate change, with the effect particularly pronounced in the latter part of the century.

Reuters, Jan 12th 2010. Climate Change To Make Icy UK Winters Rarer.

Why? Why do they set themselves up like this? Are they masochists? Do they get some perverse kick out of being the object of not just national but international ridicule?

Or are they in denial about the climate?


8 responses to “Met Office January 2010: “winters to become increasingly warm”

  1. GWPF – 21 December 2010
    “A small team was set up under the leadership of Dr David Quarmby, a member of the “great and good” with background in transport. The team published its terms of reference here; an interim report was published last summer, and the final report appeared just a couple of months ago.”

    12.13 In other words, we are advised to assume that the chance of a severe winter in 2010–11 is no greater (or less) than the current general probability of 1 in 20……..

    12.17 But we need to understand and accept that the chance of a severe winter is still relatively small and that there will be many years when some will question the degree of resources committed to winter resilience.


    Haunting The Library
    “Why? Why do they set themselves up like this? Are they masochists?”

    Possible answers:
    They have convinced themselves that man-made co2 global warming is well established so winters have to be very rare and exciting events. Or they are living in utter denial. Or because of the huge profits to be made from carbon trading schemes. Or their boss is driven by a hidden environmental agenda and alarmism gets you results in government policy.

    • Cognitive dissonance : because they believe in AGW, they cannot accept any other possibility. To do so would undermine their raison d’etre, both professional and personal.

  2. John Hirst profile
    “He says the strain of being “under the microscope all of the time” is tempered by the knowledge that his organisation is providing a “fantastic” service. “Most private sector [companies] would kill for the scientific understanding and intellctual property we have in this organisation. ”

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
    Enter Accuweather and Weatheraction. ;>)

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  5. For a second time, a letter has appeared in the journal Science urging scientists to action regarding climate change. “Because of the physics of the climate system, we must ensure that global emissions of greenhouse gases peak and start to decline rapidly within a decade in order to have a reasonable chance of meeting the 2°C goal,” urge the authors, noting that “humankind has waffled and delayed for decades; further delay risks serious consequences for people and the ecosystems on which we rely.” What is not immediately obvious is who these correspondents are. While some are legitimate scientists, a number turn out to be from somewhat nebulous organizations and institutions. They are philosophers, ethicists and “decision scientists” who have turned shilling for climate disaster into a career. They grow like a tapeworm within the bowels of science they are climate science parasites.

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