Global warming causes . . . dust

This latest gem of research shows how you can now get any old rubbish published in Science magazine, as long as you link it to global warming in some way. Predicting the end of the world unless capitalism is crushed forthwith and the population reduced by 90% is also a good bet as well.

This time round, the problem is dust. Yep, it seems that global warming is causing dust now, particularly in Tibet, and that’s heating the glaciers, which will (apparently) add to sea level rise. The magic global warming dust is also said to alter the wind and rain, and interfere with the monsoon patterns:

“It’s going to continue to be dusty in this region, and dust can accelerate the melting of the glaciers in the Himalayas,” says Conroy. That’s because the dust lands on the white ice and makes it darker, absorbing radiation and accelerating melting in the Himalayas. These glaciers, which provide water for hundreds of millions of people across Asia, are in serious danger—although a well-documented typographic error in the 2007 IPCC report exaggerated the rate of their disappearance. Dust also warms the air above the Tibetan Plateau, enhancing monsoon circulation patterns, which could affect rain and alter rainfall patterns across the southern Asia.

You couldn’t make it up.


3 responses to “Global warming causes . . . dust

  1. Ah – can I now blame Global warming for the increase in time I have to spend dusting?


  2. No you could not make that crap up , but they sure as hell can!

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