Did someone say biased? James Hansen Spending His Time Helping Prepare Law Suits Against His Own Government

As with some other posts, this one doesn’t require much in the way of introduction or explication.

James Hansen, the controversial climate scientist at NASA GISS who has endorsed a book calling for sabotage to end industrial civilization, has told an English newspaper that he is currently spending his time helping those who want to sue the government which pays his salary:

Professor James Hansen’s last formal engagement was delivering a keynote paper to the American Geophysical Union Autumn meeting. After that, he spent the holidays not enjoying wintry walks or taking advantage of the sales, but doing something altogether more industrious. “I’m writing a paper to provide the scientific basis for [law] suits against the government – just to make them do their job,” he says.


And yet, they continue to employ him. It’s a mad world, my friends.

Link to Hansen’s recommendation of eco-sabotage book: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Times-Up-Uncivilized-Solution-Global/dp/190032248X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1294177845&sr=8-1

You can read the free online version of the book here, to see what type of final solution Hansen was recommending: http://www.farnish.plus.com/amatterofscale/

8 responses to “Did someone say biased? James Hansen Spending His Time Helping Prepare Law Suits Against His Own Government

  1. Why doesn’t he stop writing tree chopping books and get off the grid.

  2. Hansen’s sort of reminds me of Cindy Sheehan. Being Al Gore’s door mat got him noticed but he is just another sock puppet with a cause who wound up becoming a useful idiot for rich and powerful interests. While he got a few cubes of government cheese, the powerful people who used him made fortunes on the global warming scare and corrupt cap and trade scam. The peak of his relevance ended with his letter to a newly elected Obama who then completely ignored and rejected him. I think the sting of rejection by Obama was Hansen’s final straw and like Sheehan, Hansen is headed for Crazytown, anti-USA.

    My model projects that Hansen is headed for a future of delusional self-importance as a savior who will preach that the USA must be brought down to save the planet. lol

    We need to encourage him to live out the rest of his life protesting in China and handcuffing himself to the gates of Chinese coal plants.

  3. I wonder if his precious climate computer models can explain why the legal cost should come out of OUR pockets and not his? This man should be fired immediately. Let’s hope the republication controlled House can do something to either cut NASA climate ‘research’ funding altogether or demand that equal scientific representation be funded to explain out why man made global cannot be true. If they manage to win the latter then we’ll have something over 20 billion dollars worth of catching up to do…

  4. Go for it Jim H!!! The clock is ticking…………..

  5. Maybe Hansen will be able to sue himself for;
    (1) Fraud
    (2) Insanity

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  7. I hope that his paper encompasses the effects that my new curly-cue mercury-filled light bulbs have on my children when they explode every time I screw them into the light fixtures in my 80-year-old house.

  8. Jim Salinger of New Zealand was fired for using his public position to push his private concerns. In the USA, Hansen does this as a matter of First Amendment rights to free speech. If a staffer did what Hansen does – write a paper explaining how to sue Jim Hansen/NASA over its CAGW position, he would be fired, though. Again, in America as elsewhere, despite the American claim to equality of men and women and a home for meritocracy, not aristocracy, we see the Golden Rule in action. Hansen has the gold and he makes the rules.

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