Mark Lynas 2004: snow in UK “Probably gone for good”

Well, another freezing, freezing cold winter for most of the Northern Hemisphere, and of course there’s a rush on amongst the global warming fraternity to say that this is all totally in line with global warming.

But that’s now, whilst Britain, Europe, and America are shivering through another extreme winter. What were they saying when we had a short run of mild, clement winters? Were they cautioning us that this had nothing to do with global warming, and that there was plenty of snow on its way? Were they heck!

Let’s take a trip to the library and see what they said:

Veteran global warming campaigner Mark Lynas toured the UK in 2004 for his book High Tide: The Truth About Our Climate Crisis. And what he found was not a winter wonderland. In the small Welsh town of Machynlleth, Lynas discusses the change in the seasons with the owner and muses for a while:

On sale next to the desk were several Christmas cards, each showing children making a snowman under a heavy winter sky, the pretty white flakes swirling around them as they gathered up the snow in their duffle coats and woolly mittens. It was the traditional British winter, everyone’s dream of a white Christmas. And what no one knows – or likes to admit – is that it’s probably gone for good.

Lynas reflects sadly that  “Like the Christmas snow, the holly and the ivy may soon be distant memories” due to global warming.

Or maybe not.

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